Day 35

Another week down!  The most exciting thing in my life right now is that spring is legitimately right around the corner.  There have been buds on the trees for the last two weeks and for the past few days, I’ve been listening to and watching the Canadian Geese fly past our house.  We’re meant to be in the high 50s by Sunday and then we continue through the 40s and 50s for all of next week.  That means longer walks outside for Critter and I which is thrilling.  Thrilling!

So.  How are things?

  • Antibiotics are a blessing.  I have felt SO much better this week and I am most thankful for it.
  • By my tally, I have earned three parenting merit badges this week: Mastitis, Projectile Poop, and Child Screams For One Hour Exactly For No Discernible Reason.  And I didn’t cry!  We are staying strong!  Though I will confess there was a lot of cursing with the mastitis.
  • Besides Critter’s pediatrician visit on Monday, I didn’t leave the house in a car until Thursday afternoon.  Frankly, I didn’t even realize I hadn’t left the house until it got to that point.
  • On Thursday afternoon, Critter and I ran our first ever errands.  We took some books to the library book drop and we then went to Lunds so I could get an iced tea and a large frosted cookie.  It was totally frivolous and I totally needed it for me.  He actually seemed quite interested in all of the happenings at the grocery store so I am not even ashamed to say that we will probably go there again at some point in the near future for some entertainment.
  • This week, on Wednesday, when Critter and I spent most of the day in the rocking chair because We Did Not Want To Do Anything That Wasn’t Touching Me, I ordered five pairs of yoga pants AKA The Pants Of My People because after several weeks of running around in my nice riding pant leggings, I was all (1) I don’t want to destroy these with overwear because they are actually nice for public consumption and (2) I need something a little bit more flexible.  So now I have full length pants and capris and even one of those pairs with a zesty pattern on it because that seems to be what is “in” right now.  Laura also informed me that this style is more forgiving.  We shall see when I wheel those out for the first time!
  • On Friday, I tried out my third mom group at our synagogue.  It only meets once per month, but it was nice to catch up with some friends I have not seen in some time and to see their little ones as well!
  • Marcus continues to be The Best Husband.  I will also take the time to say that his every other Friday work schedule is a Godsend.  It makes the week much easier knowing that I’m only going it alone for four days.  Plus it’s sort of like being on vacation when he’s home because I am not alone all day and I don’t have to do all of the Critter-tending on my own. 
  • On Friday, everyone in the family took an afternoon nap at the same time.  Like, sleeping the sleep of the dead-napping. I was the family nap-loser with a napping time of ~1 hour 50 minutes while Marcus and Critter both snagged 2+ hours.  Angels sang.  We all Gave Thanks.  It was beautiful.

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