Day 31



I was going to write something more meaningful than the above in all-caps, but frankly, I have not had the time.  Expect some possibly tearful musings at some point in the not-so-distant/distant future.

  • I have successfully breastfed a baby for a month, which is nothing short of a miracle in my opinion.  I have pretty much existed knowing that if I could feed him for a day, that was good, a week was great, and anything after that was bonus time.  Backpat/slow clap for that.
  • To celebrate a month of successful breastfeeding, I got mastitis on Saturday night.  I now know that hell is having chills and a 101 degree fever and not sleeping because of those things and worrying about how you’re going to feed your child.
    • Marcus is a saint-husband and spent the entire weekend taking care of Critter and I and I love him.
    • Billy let me know that because of some speech that a Dairy Princess (this is an MN thing) gave in one of his college classes, he actually knows quite a bit about mastitis.  He also let me know that humans are not the only animals that can get mastitis, all mammals are afflicted and so I am in communion with all beasts.  I laughed so hard I was crying you guys.
  • Everybody has a weight.
    • Critter is now 11 pounds and 15.5 ounces and 23 inches long!
    • I’ve lost 30 pounds.
    • Marcus has also lost weight.
    • Our scale started smoking when Marcus attempted to put new batteries in it, and then it promptly died.  We will be getting a new scale.
  • I ordered six month clothing for him last week because it’s just time.  Once again, it’s a shipment of all footie pajamas.  It’s really something to think that the next time we order clothes, he’ll really be able to start wearing onesies and whatnot on the regular because it will actually be “nice” outside (and thus inside as well).
    • Side note: He hates hats.  I don’t know why that’s important to mention here, but it is.  All hats make him irate.
  • Mom Group.  Nina and I took our youths to the Blooma mom group and it was magical, just like Kari said.  We sat on yoga mats with back cushions and drank water and ate snacks (both of which they brought us!) and ruminated on the various topics that the den mother expounded upon.
    • Things I did NOT know about this mom group: you are supposed to wear socks?  It’s in a yoga studio (didn’t really think about that), but I wore my flats so instead I was just…barefoot and not socked and everyone else was wearing socks.  Also, apparently we were supposed to create blanket nests at the end of our mats for our little ones as well.  Unprepared for this, Critter got to use my Northface, which gave the whole thing a sort-of outdoorsy vibe.
    • I will go again.  Maybe this week if I’m feeling 100% by Friday, otherwise, we’ll try again next week.
  • As you can see from the above snap, I finally managed to wear Critter this weekend.  We made it for about 15 minutes of him not minding it, so I am hopeful that we are going to be able to start doing that for longer/will be able to start using the Becco soon as well.
  • He smiles now.  It’s wonderful.

3 responses to “Day 31

  1. Aw. You sound so happy. Glad to hear all is well. Mastitis is the worst. A friend turned me on to the homeopathic treatment Phytolacca (supposed to be for a soar throat, but it does something for your glands) which actually worked. First and only time I ever did anything homeopathic, but I lived by that stuff. I got a vial at our natural food store and kept it with me at all times. Whenever I felt something starting to go amiss (you learn to catch on quick), I just popped those little tabs until the problem went away. Worth investing in. I swear. Much better than cabbage leaves!

  2. Enjoy Blooma! I love kiddos so whenever I walk by one of their studios I wish I could go and hang out!

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