Daily Archives: 02.21.2016

The Nursery

AKA where Critter and I spend all of our time.

Since I shared the prints with you back in November, I thought you might like to see how it turned out.  And I’d like to document the successful completion of another house project for posterity’s sake on The Blog.

Yes, there is some clutter, because this is how it looks when we are actually using it.


We own every book on earth.  And some toys too.


I think the iPad On A Music Stand was a suggestion from my in-laws.  During our first week of life I very quickly realized there was no place to watch TV from where I was sitting.  This was an excellent (and very portable) solution.  I will also say that for as much time as I have spent in the glider, already it is worth all of the money we paid for it.IMG_4061

Obviously since I took all of the photos with my iPhone, the wall color looks a little bit “warmer” than it actually is.  The color is Blustery Day by Olympic, which is a light blue.  We were actually going to use Windswept originally (a lighter blue) but when they started painting, it basically looked white, which wasn’t what we were going for.  Apparently if I’m not painting the rooms in our house shades of white and beige, I’m painting them blue.