Daily Archives: 02.20.2016

Another week on the books.


Behold.  The playmat.  I assembled it earlier this week and now we have somewhere to frolic as we engage in developmentally appropriate play gazing at the black and white side of Jacque Peacock!

  • Let it be known that on Day 18, I donned The Ponytail Of Defeat.  Between the hair pulling (a new thing) and the spontaneous spit-up (also a new thing), it was just time to wave the white flag.
  • Wednesday was Our Fussiest Day Of Life Yet.  Hard to know if it was part of a growth spurt or as Galina hypothesized, maybe it was just Wednesday, but when Marcus got home and offered me a few minutes to unwind, I took a walk around the block to get some fresh air, re-did my pedicure, and drank half a beer.  This was restorative.
  • One of my co-workers gifted me this journal before Critter arrived and I have really enjoyed writing in it each day.  There’s only enough space for a few sentences, but if I can keep up with it, it could be really nice to look back on.
  • We had our first playdate on Wednesday with Katie and Baby G.  Katie is the wife of one of Marcus’ fraternity brothers.  They live approximately a mile away from our house and Baby G and Critter are a week apart.  It was really nice to get out of the house and to workshop with someone who is basically at the exact same place that we are right now.  Critter spent most of the time eating, Baby G slept.  I would say it went swimmingly.
  • My slippers arrived and they are wonderful.  I went from wearing no slippers (I actually got rid of all of my slippers during our last purge) and no bathrobe on a regular basis to slippers and a bathrobe every day.  That being said, for the first two weeks of Critter’s life, I was putting on leggings/shorts for the middle of the night feedings which also seems counter-intuitive so the whole bathrobe thing is really an improvement.  It’s safe to say I wasn’t totally thinking clearly about that one.
  • I attempted to stuff Critter into the Boba wrap and that was as warmly received as my attempts at getting him into the Gemini.
  • Everybody is getting weighed.
    • Critter is now 10 lbs 9 oz.  Which means that he has gained 1 lb 5 oz in 10 days.
      • This probably also explains why he will not fit into the “newborn” wrap in the Boba.
    • I have now lost 28.5 lbs.  Still feeling like a gazelle.
  • Sleep.  How/what are we doing about that?
    • Generally Critter seems to embrace evening sleep from around 7:00 PM – 3:30 AM.  That means that I start sleeping at 7:00 PM too which is really cool.  That being said, I have no problem conking out so we’ll roll with it.  I wake him up to feed him at 9:00 PM or so.  He then resumes sleeping, and Marcus and I go to bed like normal adults.  I wish I could comment on what exactly he does for the remainder of the night but I had gotten permission not to wake him from the pediatrician on Thursday and then he stopped sleeping 3 hour blocks at night. Babies!  So unpredictable!  If I wanted to have a longer evening/more time with my husband, I could drop the 7:00 PM snooze, but that allows me to push my total evening sleep time to 6 – 6.5 hours which allows me to feel really as human as possible by 3:30 AM.
    • We observe Day and Night in the nursery.  During Day (~5:00 AM – 7:00 PM) we have the blinds open and the overhead light on at all times.  We read and do tummy time and play when we are awake.  During Night (~7:00 PM – 5:00 AM) we only use a dim lamp for feeding/changing.  Otherwise, all of the lights are off when we are not doing those things.  We do no playing or reading.  We swaddle.  I don’t know that Critter really understands any of this, but we’re doing it anyway.
    • Pretty much all sleeping (napping, night sleeping) is in the crib.  We have a rock n’ play but since he’ll sleep in the crib right now, it’s pretty much just sitting in the living room, waiting to be pressed into service.
    • Again, we are literally making all of this up as we go.
  • Because Critter is our firstborn and he is a son, we are planning a Pidyon Haben for him, which we will celebrate on the 28th.  Neither Marcus nor I have ever witnessed one of these before so it will be the first time to observe this mitzvah for all three of us!