Daily Archives: 02.19.2016

Friday Food Round-Up!

Once again, we ate.

Shout-out to the saintly people who brought us salads from the deli case at Lunds, taco stew, tip steak, empanadas, and soup and salad.  There are not enough thanks in the world that I can give for our friends.  Truly.

Sunday – Risotto with Steamed Asparagus


This is Marcus’ favorite dinner and I wrote it down on my calendar/to-do list long before Critter arrived because I really wanted to make this meal for him for Valentine’s Day.  We ended up preparing it at 10:00 AM because there was absolutely no chance of us actually making dinner at dinnertime.  Critter gave us a brief 20 minute respite around 6:00 PM where we got to sit down and eat it together instead of going picnic-style in the nursery.  That was quite nice.

Tuesday – Tip Steak with Dijon Potatoes and Salad


Okay.  So we didn’t make the tip steak, Mom and Dad dropped that off.  But I did make the dijon potatoes, Marcus made the salad, and I actioned the salad dressing (and croutons) that went into said unpictured salad.  Chalking this one up as a win.