Daily Archives: 02.16.2016

Day 17


Incrementally, things are getting easier.

  • Today, we went on our first walk.  I bundled Critter up in his fleece jammies and snowsuit and we headed out for a quick five minute jaunt around the block.  It was exhilarating for me, and he slept through the entire thing.  It’s actually supposed to be in the 40s (and possibly even hitting 50!) Thursday – Saturday, and then it settles into the high 30s next week, so I am looking forward to being able to do this more with him.
  • Yesterday, I learned how to correctly wear the Boba wrap and the Becco Gemini carrier.  I then realized I legitimately had no idea as to how I was supposed to stuff my child into the Boba wrap.  Today, hoping for better results, I attempted to put Critter into the Gemini and that ended with a lot of sweating (me) and shrieking (him).  I appreciate the safety-minded aspect of having a three-point release on each strap of the Gemini but that also means its impossible to extricate yourselves quickly in the event of epic failure.
  • Today we played with a toy!  And by “played” I mean that I held the black and white side of the toy 6″ from Critter’s face and he swatted at it with his hand a few times.  Based on the fact that the kid doesn’t know he has hands yet, there’s no way he knew he was touching the toy, but it felt like we were accomplishing something developmentally appropriate!
  • We are still fighting the yeast diaper rash.  Blessedly it has not turned into thrush for Critter or I (though Marcus and I are disinfecting everything constantly), so if you’re feeling like a prayer warrior, pray that this continues NOT to happen and that it resolves itself pronto, otherwise we have earned ourselves a return trip to the pediatrician on Thursday afternoon.
  • I skipped mom group this week.  I just couldn’t do it you guys.  The folding chairs, the dark room, listening to strangers share their problems, any of it.  This probably makes me a terrible human being but I am just going to own it.
    • My reward for skipping mom group was my afternoon nap and the aforementioned walk outside so I am zero percent sorry.
  • We finally own enough three month clothing that I don’t have to do laundry every day.  That’s exciting.
  • I bought some slippers.  That’s not really baby-related but more related to the fact that I still cannot seem to really regulate my body temperature.  Actually scratch that, I have transitioned back to my traditional state of being cold all the time.