Daily Archives: 02.13.2016

A (weekend) update.

Hello, hello, and happy Saturday.

We have officially made it through our first week of Marcus being back at work.  It was a short week for him, so he had Friday off, but we made it!  I would say that is a big victory for the whole family.

  • Critter continues to be a truly good baby (knock on wood).  He fusses because he is hungry or because his diaper is wet.  Our mornings and early afternoons are peaceful, the late afternoon/evenings are full of “energy” because he would like to be eating for a majority of the time from anytime after 3:00 PM until approximately 9:00 – 10:00 PM.  Now that we know this about him, things are really quite a bit easier because we have no expectations other than to successfully feed him during that time.
  • I got an ocular migraine on Wednesday.  Since it was 6:00 AM, and I just had a child, that earned me a one-way ticket to the emergency room to be checked once again for post-partum pre-eclampsia.  I still don’t have it (which is a great thing), but it would be really nice if my body could just settle down.  I have been out of the house with Critter six times in the last week or so, three of them have been for doctor’s appointments for me.  I’m sure you can understand how this is tiresome.
  • From the department of OMG what is happening with my car, on Friday, Marcus was going to take it in for an oil change and then the battery died in the garage.  AAA was called once again, and I swear, I could not make this stuff up if I tried.  I’m truly just glad this is happening when he is around instead of when he isn’t.
  • Sleeping.  We’re doing it.  Marcus, Critter, and I have devised an evening schedule that allows me to get approximately 5 – 6 hours of sleep (broken up into several chunks), for which I am thankful.  Whenever I fret that exhaustion may creep in, I remind myself that I will literally never be more exhausted than when we were in the hospital.  I mean in all seriousness, 31 hours of labor (with no sleep in more than five minute increments) plus the next 24 hours where we only slept maybe another four or five hours in total has to be the maximum amount of exhaustion it is possible to achieve, yes?
  • My total weight loss is now 26.5 pounds.  The science experiment continues.
    • My wedding band fits and we are reunited!  I am sure that I could throw my engagement ring on as well, but it has some serious prongs and I am just not comfortable having those near Critter right now.  But I can wear my wedding ring!  And it is wonderful!
  • I went to Mom group last Tuesday.  I am…not sure if I’m going to continue to go.  Some reasons:
    • We sat in a dark room (not kidding, it was a dark room with one lamp) for the entire time.  I think it was supposed to be soothing, but it really was just like we were in a cave.
    • Critter ate nearly the whole time, so I was feeding him in a folding chair, which is exactly as comfortable as you would expect it to be.
    • I’m not really getting a sisterhood-vibe from the other moms in the group.
    • The major topic of discussion (that we spent five minutes on, after the group ran over time) was car seat safety.  Important, but I’m not entirely sure this was worth leaving the house for.
  • We are currently fighting a yeast diaper rash which means that we are engaging in the most elaborate diaper changes ever.
    • This also means that since we had only just switched back to cloth diapers post-bris, we had to disinfect all of them to kill the yeast.  We’re basically doing laundry all the time anyway these days but it was just like…really?
  • I’m now on Season 2 of Parks and Rec and am bored to death of cable news.  This morning I changed it up and watched some Premier League Football and now that I am typing that, I am realizing that the real travesty is that Critter was not born during the Tour de France.