Daily Archives: 02.08.2016

Independence Day

Guys, we are just in it right now.  My entire world at the current moment is the four walls of our house and continuing to try and figure out how to be a parent.  I’m guessing the whole figuring out how to be a parent-thing will last for the rest of my life.  However, right now it is a 24/7 thing.  To that end, we will continue to discuss this.

  • Critter and I survived our first day at home with Marcus at work.  It was fine.  We ate, did diaper changes, tummy time, reading, and napping.  I showered, put on clean clothing, ate meals at appropriate times, and napped.  THAT IS VICTORY.
  • Critter and I also survived our first solo outing together – we went to the pediatrician for his newborn check-up, because our initial attempt at this failed last Friday.  He has gained four ounces on his birth weight which means that (praise) breastfeeding is working.  I felt like he was a good eater, but before they weighed him, it was impossible to know.
  • The tension headache and the corresponding shoulder/neck pain that started plaguing me earlier last week seem to be subsiding.  Relief.
  • I have hunger but no appetite?  I feel like Critter and I spend equal amounts of time during the day eating, but in contrast to the last nine months (or my entire life) where I have had weirdly specific opinions about food, I couldn’t even express a craving if I tried.  Pretty much at this point, if I can eat it, I will.
  • On the list of things I have been eating a lot of, Whitney (Marcus’ brother’s girlfriend) has been making me these cookies that as far as I can tell are some sort of combination of oats, banana, almonds, dried fruit, chocolate chips and something else.  I have been horking those down at all hours of the day like some sort of crazed marathoner at a fuel stop.
    • I have also come to find in my possession, many bags of almonds.
  • My current weight loss is 21.5 pounds.  I’m certain this will be plateauing shortly, but until that comes, I will continue to be fascinated by just how quickly my body is changing post-partum because this whole thing is like one massive science experiment that I have a front-row seat to.
  • Jamie and Jeff’s Birth Plan is hysterical.
  • Y’all are going to LOL about this next one.  Before Critter was here, Marcus and I were genuinely concerned about what we would be doing with all of the time that we were spending in the house together for the week that he and I were home together.  I am pretty sure that for 50% of the time we didn’t even see one another because one of us or both of us were asleep.  The other 50% of the time I think we were just trying to survive parenting.  It is safe to say there was no shortage of things for us to do.
  • Earlier last week, I had this thought that I had watched much less television than I had anticipated.  And then I realized I am caught up on all of the episodes of Superstore (it’s hilarious) and that Marcus and I watched the entire (extremely terrible) two part Bernie Madoff mini-series.