Daily Archives: 02.06.2016

A Week In

I was actually up at 12:04 AM today feeding Critter.  Just a few minutes before, I had looked at his hands and thought A week ago, those hands did not exist.  In the final weeks of my pregnancy, every day, I would wake up and ask Critter if that day was a good day for a birthday (obviously his answer was no).  I also wondered how we would ultimately finish the sentence, On the day you were born.  For example, on the day that Billy was born, Mom made blueberry muffins.  For Critter, it is much simpler than that.  On the day he was born, we only had to live for four minutes without him.  There was no time to do anything else, because on January 30, he was always there.

And with that I am going to ugly cry some happy tears because I have been thinking about that all week and we have a son now and life is beautiful.

Time for some updates!

  • According to my home scale, I have lost 20 pounds and even though I still have a good chunk to go (I am deeply unconcerned about this) and my body has yet to resemble any other body I have ever had, I FEEL LIKE A GAZELLE YOU GUYS.  By the end of January I knew that I was not exactly a fast mover, and to varying degrees you could say that I was aware of how slow things had gotten in terms of what I could/could not do.  But, still!  Now I am just a girl on the go!  Bending over!  Rolling over!  Walking!  Being alive!  So nimble!
  • Every single emotion I feel is either accompanied with laughter OR tears and ALWAYS sweating.  Also, why is there so much sweating? Hormones are insane, y’all.
    • Remember how I was warm for the entirety of the pregnancy and Marcus was always freezing to death?  That beautiful ability to self-heat has vanished just as quickly as it arrived and now, I too, am freezing.  I did not know how good I had it until yesterday I pretty much felt like we lived in an igloo.  And then I promptly apologized to Marcus for very literally freezing him for the last three months.
  • Marcus will return to work next week.  I am equal parts excited for him to do this and terrified.  The good news is that next week is an “off” Friday for him, so my first week alone with Critter will really only be four days long.
  • I joined up with a new moms group that starts on Tuesday.  Stay tuned to see how that goes.
  • We were supposed to have our first pediatrician visit on Friday and then my CRV, for the first time in seven years of owning it, got a flat tire.  What are the odds.  Thank God for AAA and my mother-in-law coming to rescue Critter and I so that Marcus could deal with the rest of the debacle.  Thank God Marcus was with me so he could deal with AAA, the tire store, etc.
  • I had a sweet tension headache for four days this week that resulted in my own personal field trip to the doctor for a blood pressure check.  Ultimately I think we decided that for whatever reason, this is linked to my breastfeeding posture (but in my right shoulder only!).  My ibuprofen and heating pad game is strong right now, let me tell you.  In all seriousness, this is probably the most challenging part of motherhood so far because I would just like for this pain to go away.
  • Critter is sleeping in his crib in the nursery.  I resolved that we would attempt doing this while I was pregnant and so far it is fine.  We are using the baby monitor so if I hear that he is fussing, I simply roll out of bed and walk into the next room.  As y’all know, we live in a townhouse so his nursery shares a wall with our bedroom.  The kid is really never more than 10-15 feet away from us.
  • Today is Critter’s bris.  We will welcome him into the covenant and the Jewish community and finally after eight days we will announce his name to the world.

I think that’s pretty much it.  Every day we do the same thing, but each time we do it, it’s completely different.  I’m assuming at some point in the next month, we’ll do the same thing and it will actually feel…the same.  Until then, as I have been saying to Marcus and my family and friends, this is parenthood, not summer camp. 😉