Week 40 Update


Posting today because I’m still pregnant today, and who knows…maybe I won’t be tomorrow?  Or maybe I will.

I am officially at Week 40 and 2 days.  Critter is still refusing to come out.  And when I say “refusing” I mean I honestly think I might have had two braxton hicks contractions this entire pregnancy and they were the day after Thanksgiving.

If Critter does not voluntarily surrender (we are in negotiations right now), I will be induced at 11:00 AM on Friday.  Which should give us a birthday at some point between Friday and Sunday.  I am really trying to avoid this if at all possible, but I am also really over eating pineapple (I had three cans in 72 hours).  I have been eating spicy food and exercising this entire pregnancy, so if those were going to induce labor, that would have happened months ago.

All of this aside, Not Having A Baby Yet has not been a bad thing.  Since we knew this was our last weekend of freedom, Marcus and I have had some really fun date nights together.  On Friday night we went to Revival for dinner and then stopped by the newly opened Milkjam Creamery for dessert.  On Saturday, we went to the Dangerous Man taproom so Marcus could enjoy some beers and then to The Anchor for dinner.  If you’re looking for something fun to do with your people next weekend, I would recommend both adventures.

In a just a bit, we’ll go out to brunch with my family.  Tomorrow night, Jillian and I have dinner plans.

The house is clean.  Yesterday I whipped up more pie crusts and have plans to action another pie today because it is delicious and I want to eat one.  We finally purchased the things we have really been dragging our feet on like a hamper for Critter’s clothes, and a little side table to sit next to the glider.  The side table was an internet-buy so we’ll see when that actually arrives.

I have meal planned for dinners that may or may not happen.  Our grocery list looks like it is straight out of grocery hoarders even though I know there are plenty of people (bless them!) who are planning to feed us.  But I decided it couldn’t hurt to have a bounty of butter, eggs, milk, yogurt, and canned fruit on hand.  Secret confession: I have a deep love of canned peaches.

So we’re waiting and honestly, it’s fine.  Besides the whole thing where I would really prefer to have Critter come out on its own instead of requiring any sort of chemical intervention, I continue to feel great.  This has probably been the most boring, most comfortable pregnancy in the history of earth and I am so thankful for that.  I’m just praying for a boring and healthy delivery for both Critter and me at this point and would appreciate yours as well.


4 responses to “Week 40 Update

  1. Not that I know anything, but I suppose it’s common for the first kid to be overdue. I was over 2 weeks late! Clearly wouldn’t happen today. Glad to hear you have a plan!

  2. Oh, so excited for you and Critter. Wishing you a beautiful birth, healthy babe, and speedy recovery!

  3. I had a very boring pregnancy – was comfortable up until the end too. I was 40 weeks 4 days and then my water broke and she changed her mind. No contractions for another 11 hours. Then, I think our darling heard they were going to start pitocin and said “heck no” and made a break for it and blessed us with her presence a mere 6 hours later.

    Best wishes for a simple birth and healthy family!

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