Master Bathroom Renovation: We’re Done!

A full year later, we are mission complete on the master bathroom remodel.  From re-tiling the shower, to ripping out the world’s ugliest vanity, to re-painting, we are finally finished.

I don’t know where I got it in my head that I wanted our bathroom to be navy.  What I do know is thanks to Pinterest (which I RARELY use), once I saw some navy bathrooms with gray and/or white tile, vanities, etc. I knew that it was possible!  For paint color, we used Behr’s Durango Blue in a gloss finish.  I chose a gloss finish because as my mother-in-law pointed out, it was entirely possible that painting such a small space such a dark color could just ultimately end up sucking all of the light out of the room.

Without further adieu, the finished product.

IMG_3795 (1)




There are a few more small things we’ll do as time allows.  We’d like to switch out all of the outlets and switchplates so they are a pure white (versus the beige/cream that is likely original to the house), and install a full-length mirror where we currently have the half-mirror that is a hold-over from the terrible wrap-around vanity days.  These are deeply non-urgent matters.

And not to beat a dead horse, but so I can remember how far we have come, the before.



It’s a miracle, really.


2 responses to “Master Bathroom Renovation: We’re Done!

  1. My brother painted his room navy blue when he was a teenager. It felt like a dungeon. However, all of the white on the cabinets, tiling and shower curtain really makes this work!

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