Week 39 Update


Here I am, still pregnant, y’all.  Critter’s due date is this Friday and I am 75% OMG CHILD IT IS TIME TO ENTER THIS WORLD and 25% We Must Cherish All Of This Peace And Quiet Because It Is The Last Peace And Quiet We Will Ever Have!  It’s a weird feeling that I have been trying to deal with by engaging in recreational sleep as much as possible.

If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram then you already know of the epic feat that I completed last week.  If you don’t, now you will.


As you can see, my toenails are red, and they are that way because I painted them myself.  Yes friends, at 38 weeks and 5 days, I made the impossible possible.  It was easily the biggest accomplishment of my week.  If you are thinking wow it is so great that Kat can still see her feet please know that I cannot.  I actually had to angle my iPhone over my stomach in order to even be able to catch a peek of the finished product.

I know we haven’t spent any time discussing maternity leave, my return to work, or childcare arrangements, so today is the lucky day for that.

  • Earlier in my pregnancy, Meredith sent me information about a website called Mindful Return. I believe it was founded by a former classmate of hers, and is built to assist women (and their employers) so that they can successfully prepare professionally for maternity leave and have a successful return to the workplace as well.  I did not end up participating in the courses offered, but found the information on the blog to be deadly useful.  I would tell anyone who is expecting (and is planning to continue working) to use this resource, and if it’s right for you, to take the eCourse as well!
  • Maternity leave!  Right now, my current plan is to continue to work up until Critter is born.  I have literally no idea as to what I would do if I was at home all day waiting for labor to maybe or maybe not begin.  Once my leave begins, I will take the full 12 weeks.
  • Returning to work!  When I return to work, I will be going back to work three days a week.  I am so jazzed.  I am so lucky that this is an opportunity that exists for me, that I can continue professionally at a company I enjoy working for, in a job I enjoy doing, with co-workers that I like.  I feel like over the past six years, I have worked very hard to achieve what I have and I am glad that I get to keep that, you know?  This also guarantees that three days per week, I will be talking with other adults about things that have nothing to do with children.
  • Staying at home!  On the other side of the coin, when my maternity leave is over, I will get to stay home with Critter two days per week.  This is such a blessing.  I have no illusions that this will be easier than going to work, but I have always felt very strongly about staying home with children.  I know that everyone chooses different things for different reasons, but I am glad that I will get to spend those days and hours with Critter.
  • Childcare! All of this is possible because of our childcare situation.  My mother will be watching Critter one day per week, my mother-in-law will be watching Critter one day per week, and Marcus (a working dad!) is going to be a stay-at-home-dad one day per week.  More blessing in our lives.  We are so so so fortunate that when I am at work, Critter will be spending time with some of the other people in its life who love it the most.

At this point, all that is left to do is for us to sit back and wait.  Will there be a Week 40 update?  Who can know.  For all that I had this feeling of foreboding about a month ago that Critter was just going to shoot out, now I am feeling oddly confident that Critter will be 100% late.  As always, stay tuned.


One response to “Week 39 Update

  1. Oooh! Good luck! Going back to work and leaving Reed (also, three days a week) was the most heart breaking thing I ever did. Necessary but so sad. Even now three years later. Kids are way more fun than work.

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