Week 38 Update


This was me, dressed up for our fancy date night at Bacio at exactly 38 weeks.  This week, I was informed by all of the trackers that there really aren’t any pregnancy symptoms at this point, only labor symptoms.  So if those ever start to appear, I’ll keep an eye on them.

  • I scheduled a post-partum skin check with my dermatologist.  Pregnancy hormones can encourage the growth of some moles and so I want to get all of it checked and taken care of once Critter is here so that if anything has to be chopped out, we can just get that done with!
  • I sourced the materials we would need for our cloth wipes and they are now in our possession.  Per Paula’s recommendation, we will be using fleece (no need to finish the edges).  To make it “usable,” I cut into 8″ x 8″ squares.  We have about 50 of them.  We also have some specialty soap, oil, and a spray bottle so that once Critter is here, I can mix up the wipe solution.
  • Over the weekend, I made a list of meals I could whip together (either just for me or for the two of us) that involve little to no work.  I know that in the first few weeks, we’ll probably be fed by friends and family.  But when that passes (or when I am too tired to think of ANYTHING on my own), I want to be able to cook without thinking.
  • Marcus continues to weather the winter like a champ.  I’ve had the house set at 70 because that feels just tropical to me, really.  He wears… a lot of sweatshirts.  On Sunday, with our below-zero temperature and windchill, even I was cold so I kicked the heat up to 72.  Marcus thought he was in a tropical paradise.
  • A few weeks ago, Marcus asked me if I was more excited about drinking again or running again.  I told him I was more excited about running.



3 responses to “Week 38 Update

  1. The winter I was pregnant was the ONLY winter ever that I wasn’t cold. Sadly it didn’t last. Now I am back to freezing again. You are looking great! Good luck with the final stretch. I assumed you already picked out your jogging stroller?

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