Week 37 Update


I think we’re just going to do weekly updates from here on out because Critter could be here this week, or Critter could be here in a month.

  • This week’s pregnancy update from Alpha Mom described what nesting looks like.  I am now more confident than ever that I am completely done with this “nesting” phase and that all of it took place during weeks 34 and 35.
  • We did our hospital tour on Saturday morning.  It was pretty basic, but now we know the lay of the land.
  • Speaking of which.  The Hospital.  The Birth Day.  The Birth Plan!  We have not discussed these things.  Here’s my birth plan:
    • Show up at the hospital.
    • Keep walking for as long as I can.
    • Figure out if labor is the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life.  If Yes, get an epidural.  If No, don’t get an epidural.
    • Labor.
    • Reconsider pain management if needed.
    • Have a baby.  If I need a C-section, I need a C-section, don’t really care.
  • Over the weekend, I prepped our cloth diaper stash.  Someday, once we have survived diapering of any sort, I’ll write a post about why we’re using cloth, what we’re doing, etc.  IMG_3730We’re using unbleached cotton prefolds and Thirsties covers.  We have 24 of the prefolds and I want to say…11 covers to start?  We’ve also got two small and two medium wet bags for outings and whatnot.  Tiny Elephant was a team player and served as a test subject for Marcus.  IMG_3700What a team player, right?
  • My project for next weekend is to make cloth wipes to use with the diapers.  I know that this is probably making some of you scratch your heads a bit – the reason for the cloth wipes is so that when you change the diapers you can throw EVERYTHING into the diaper pail.  Otherwise, you would have to throw the cloth diapers into the pail, and the wipes into…a trash can?
  • We FINALLY framed our constellation prints.  That only took us…two months?  We won’t hang them until the crib has been built (because I envision them hanging them over the crib), but that time is coming!
  • I’ve scheduled one, final, “fancy” date night for us at my favorite restaurant on Friday night.  This is really the last thing that has been on my “personal” pre-baby to-do list.  It’s really bizarre to think that it is finally time for that sort of thing.  I’m pretty excited to eat some of my favorite food with my favorite person.

4 responses to “Week 37 Update

  1. I love your approach. And attitude! But I must ask – where will fancy date night be?!! 😉

  2. I love the idea of making cloth wipes to go along with the cloth diapers. I’ll be looking forward to your future post about the diapers after you’ve had the chance to try them out 🙂

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