Week 36 Update


Ah, yes. 36 weeks.  I’m going to the doctor every week now.  Cheese has become the base of my food pyramid, which is a beautiful thing.  The end is in sight!

  • I still haven’t packed a hospital bag, but I finally sorted out the sourcing of some starter nursing tanks and bras, granny panties, pads, Tucks pads, and dermoplast.  GOD BEING PREGNANT IS SO DIGNIFYING SOMETIMES.  That being said, I felt a real bond with the pregnant pharmacy tech at CVS when I asked her where I could find said Tucks pads.  They were totally sold out, so I got all of the embarrassment and none of the thrill of the actual purchase.
  • Call for help: What are your favorite nursing tanks/nursing bras?
  • Critter is head down!  I am negative for Group B Strep!
  • The Glider arrived two weeks ago and it is magnificent.  It was definitely worth the $$$ we threw at it.  I’ll be sure to share a snap once the nursery is complete.
  • Last weekend, Marcus and I switched roles and HE nested.  I sat in the glider and watched.  We He assembled two strollers, a rock n’ play and a pack n’ play.  Critter will now be portable.
  • We just ordered our THIRD exersaucer (or as Sarah refers to it, “Circle of Neglect”) from Target.  Each time it gets delivered, we receive a battered package from Target with pieces that are mangled, which Marcus then has to return.  It has become his arch nemesis.
  • My entire sartorial world has been condensed into leggings-shirt-waterfall cardigan-scarf.  Sometimes I wear different earrings, just to change it up a bit.  I can still wriggle into my jeggings, but what’s the point anymore?
  • I don’t even want to say it out loud, because I am afraid I will curse myself, but I think that my eczema may have finally disappeared for good.  Praise.  That was a three month ordeal I am not particularly eager to repeat.

3 responses to “Week 36 Update

  1. Kat, my favorite nursing bras by far are anything by Bravado. Word to the wise: no underwires. Mastitis is not your friend, and is much more likely with underwires. Also, I found there was no need to buy nursing-specific tanks if you buy ones with sufficient stretch to pull boobies either a) over the top or b) under the bottom. Another option: button front ones for the same reason (unbutton to appropriate level, boom, you’ve got a nursing tank).

  2. The Target nursing tanks are good (but only in neutral colors). They have coupons to help with the cost.
    I am an A+ #1 fan of Destination Maternity nursing tanks – they are a little pricier but watch for sales, they are frequent. Fun colors to continue The Uniform (leggings, tank, cardigan, scarf – I am on month 3 of this).
    I haven’t tried others, but Old Navy tends to be thinner fabric.

  3. You are still the most beautiful pregnant woman! Bras and nursing tanks: Target for both. I like the nursing bras that were essentially bralettes (no support) but they were perfect for around the house/sleeping, and when I did venture out, I wore loose shirts that helped conceal my boobs. The tanks were nice, too, since you could wear one and pull up your shirt to nurse so the top half of your boob is concealed, and so is your tummy. In my opinion it’s easier to nurse without enveloping your entire upper body in a sheet you stick your head through (marketed as nursing covers. Plus nothing screams I’M NURSING like a patterned apron over your chest). So excited for you!!!

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