Daily Archives: 12.18.2015

Friday Food Round-Up!

Once again, it is Friday and I feel like some sort of odd time-traveler.  As in, I woke up on Thursday morning and was like OMG it is Thursday, the end of the week is upon us and suddenly now it is Friday.  One of my girlfriends told me the last month of pregnancy just dragged on forever, but I am very quickly coming to terms with the fact that this is 100% not the case for me.

Sunday – Cauliflower and White Bean Salad


I wish I had a recipe to share for this meal, but it was a hybrid of a few different ones.  I whipped it together so that I could have lunch on Sunday and then used it for some leftovers throughout the week.

Monday –  Baked Potatoes with Wild Mushroom Ragu


Truly, baked potatoes are probably one of my favorite foods.  Well, potatoes in all of their incarnations are my favorite foods.  We had some sour cream left over from our latkes so of course I needed to find a way to use it.  This dinner was the first thing that came to mind!

Thursday –  Tomato Glazed Meatloaves with Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes from The Smitten Kitchen and Steamed Asparagus


We have not made this dinner in FOREVER.  Had I properly thought it through, I would have realized that this is really more of a Sunday meal than a Thursday night meal (there is WAY too much chopping and you use WAY too many dishes).  But this was (oddly) one of the meals I wanted to make for us before Critter came, so we made it and it was just as tasty as I had hoped for.