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Week 34 Update

Week 34

Sorry, y’all, you can’t see my feet this week. But sometimes I can’t see my feet either, so that makes us equal, yes?

Critter will be here in six weeks (or so), which is wonderful and terrifying all at once.  Like that whole end of your pregnancy-part of pregnancy?  Is happening now.  I am so excited to meet Critter, but at the same time I am just like God what should Marcus and I be doing with this precious time together before we have children forever?  Why isn’t there a manual for this?

  • Critter’s second shower was on Saturday.  This one was with family and it was so fun to share lunch with all of these people who have loved me since I was small.
  • Nesting.  OMG the nesting.  On Sunday morning, I woke up and everything in our house was wrong and there was simply not enough time to fix any of it.  Actually that has been my feeling for the entirety of the last week.  No time for anything!  At all!  In my crusade, I purged 30 bottles of ancient nail polish as well as a bottle of Prednisone from 1998 (don’t ask because even I don’t understand).  I also de-tagged all of the clothes/sheets/blankets that Critter has received, washed them, and put them away in the nursery.
  • I preface this by saying that 95% of the time I feel beautiful (just like 95% of the time I feel completely normal and not pregnant), so this is not a commentary on my weight.  But I think I have officially reached “whale” status.  We all knew that this time would come and it was simply a matter of when.  The evidence I have on my side is as follows:
    • The number of exuberant yet passive comments about how very…pregnant I look.
    • The fact that Marcus has to help me up if I am sitting on the floor.
    • Rolling over in bed.  I can’t do it anymore.  I basically have to sit up and then turn my body onto the other side.
  • Sleeping is starting to turn into a production again.  I usually get a few solid hours at the beginning of the night and the rest of the evening is tossing and sleeping in increments of one hour or less.  It is still better than the first trimester insomnia, but GOD I was really sleeping well for a while and it was wonderful.  Goodbye, forever, sleep.
  • Eczema.  Oh, the eczema.  Still going strong.  It’s under control, but I just want my hands back, you know?  The number of lotions and salves I possess is borderline laughable considering I had no lotions and no salves before I was pregnant.