Daily Archives: 12.11.2015

Friday Food Round-Up!

I wish this didn’t sound so cliché but I have literally no idea as to where the time went this week.  One minute, I was super-jazzed that we were moving back into our house, the next it was…the following Friday.

This is also probably part of some sort of time warp that I’ll be trapped in until Critter comes.

SundayGarden Pie


This was the perfect meal to make since Marcus was out of town at a wedding.  I made it for lunch and then enjoyed the leftovers for the rest of the week.

Monday – Greek Salad, Turkey Ragu, and Garlic Bread from Lunds



This Turkey Ragu recipe is yet another one of the recipes that has been languishing in my recipe binder for years without getting its day in the sun.  I can honestly say that it turned out 100% opposite of what I was expecting but we still enjoyed it.

More enjoyable still: the butter-laden garlic bread I sourced from Lunds.  At $5.29 a loaf, it is basically a gold brick but oh my God it is so good!  If you live in Minnesota and want The Best Garlic Bread with your dinner, this is always the best choice.

Thursday – Matzo Ball Soup and Latkes c/o Manischewitz 


Hanukkah feast!

They say it’s always good to know your sphere of expertise.  While my sphere of expertise does include from scratch latkes, it does not include scratch matzo ball soup. On a Thursday night after work, it does not include either.

Marcus and I both really enjoyed this meal.  As Marcus praised its deliciousness, I felt sort of terrible that the meal was entirely produced from boxed mixes.  And then I remembered that I would tell you to do the exact same thing were our roles reversed!

Miscellaneous – Crustless Coconut Pie


Naturally in my crusade to bake pies and use up my pie crusts, this week I baked a pie that didn’t require a crust at all!  I happened upon this one when I was perusing Jeanne’s blog for pie recipes and as a coconut lover, I knew that I had to make it.  It was supremely easy to assemble and there is a 100% chance I will make this one again!