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Chag Sameach, friends!

For those of you who are not Jewish, this means Happy Holidays and this is what we say to one another…for holidays.

Hanukkah started last night.  Marcus was out of town celebrating the wedding of some of our friends, so I lit the menorah by myself.  We don’t have a ton of traditions for the holiday (we have been working on that over the past few years) but we do make sure to light the menorah regardless of whatever else is happening.

Meredith shared this lovely Hanukkah story with me from The Washington Post which I enjoyed reading quite a bit.  I think there’s a message for everyone there, but I know that it meant a lot to me because I remember watching the Passover and Hanukkah at Bubbe’s videos as a little pup.  My grandmother thought it would be confusing to me (and in her defense, I did end up becoming Jewish so she was not totally wrong), but at the time all of it seemed so completely normal.

Hanukkah-time is also the anniversary of my conversion to Judaism.  On the Hebrew calendar, the date has already passed (it is the 21st of Kislev) but on the western calendar, the date is December 8.  To read what I wrote to my family on that day, click here.  It is sort of hilarious to write this since it seems like it has been so much longer than that, but this year marks the sixth since I became Jewish.  I am so happy to say that I was glad in the years leading up to that day and I have been glad in the years since.

But back to the matter at hand, celebrating and traditions!

I really don’t seasonally decorate our house at all.  For any seasons.  Ever.  However, when Eli showed me this twinkle light-garland thing that she made for Christmas, I was all I think that could actually be a seasonally appropriate Hanukkah decoration with some tweaking.

After spending a crafternoon (or really about an hour) on the floor of my living room assembling said garland, I had this.


What it took: 13 feet of twinkle lights and 32 feet of wired ribbon (this was three spools for me) cut into 8″ strips.

I think that it turned out quite nicely and I am especially proud of the fact that I was able to keep the glitter from the glitter ribbon from overtaking our entire living room.  I also bought this wreath-arrangement at Michael’s so that we could display the holiday cards that we receive.

FullSizeRender (2)

It just seems a little bit nicer/more festive than leaving them on a pile on the counter.  The other big pro is that I did not have to do any crafting in order to accomplish this.  There were a lot of other cute ideas I saw that involved ribbons on cabinets (I really don’t want to draw attention to ours) and reclaimed shutters/picture frames (we do not have the space for that), but this is not the right house for those concepts.  So, we’ll see how both of these decorations do this year, and if they’re a hit, we’ll keep them for next year.