Daily Archives: 12.06.2015

Master Bathroom Renovation: An Update

On Friday, we moved back into our house after spending another lovely week at my in-laws.  As promised, my mother-in-law built a fire in the fireplace, and we just relaxed.

After dropping my bags on the kitchen counter and making a beeline for the bathroom, I decided that it was not entirely implausible that I may want to have a sleepover in our newly rehabilitated bathroom.

Again, for reference about how far we have come, The Before.


Not that it needs repeating, but seriously, the worst ever.

Now, six years in the making, The After.


Even without fresh paint on the walls (our next project) or cabinet handles/drawer pulls, already it is just so much better.  We hope to get both of those things taken care of in the next few weeks.  I’m excited to share the (true) end result once it is finished for real!