Daily Archives: 12.04.2015

Friday Food Round-Up!

I went on quite the post-Thanksgiving weekend cooking streak.  Probably because I was relaxed and probably because I had the time.

Miscellaneous – Nutmeg-Maple Cream Pie


My pie streak is continuing!  This week, I tried Smitten Kitchen’s Nutmeg-Maple Cream Pie.  What I will say critically of this recipe is that the par-baked crust shrunk, the maple cream turned into a hard candy that I had to dissolve over medium heat while stirring the cream vigorously and the custard mix made WAY too much custard.  To deal, I just dumped all of the custard over my shrunken crust and baked it anyway and it turned out.

What I am meaning to say is that this is really not a pie you should even think about making unless you are confident in the kitchen and know how to improvise.  I nearly had a panic attack.

With all of that in mind, it turned out as just a delicious wonder-pie that I would absolutely make again in a heartbeat.

Miscellaneous – Chickpea Salad


Since we were not living in our own house this week, I knew that I would need some lunchtime leftovers.

Sunday – Perfect Pot Roast with Smashed Potatoes


Modifications I made to this recipe: I dumped in a cup of red wine because we had a bottle open.  I baked the pot roast at 350 for three hours instead of 275 because I had literally no idea how the dish would ever finish cooking at that rate.  Victory on both fronts.

For smashed potatoes, we boiled and riced them like regular mashed potatoes to keep them fluffy and then instead of using butter (sad tragedy), we stirred in a cup or so of beef broth, which is a cooking trick I learned from Rachael Ray.  I only use it when we’re eating beef and cannot mix the milk and meat.