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Reverb 15 | Prompt 3 | Good Reads

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this December MeredithSarah, and I are not hosting any Reverb prompts, rather, we’re Reverbing on our own terms.  I meant to post sooner about this, but obviously that just did not happen.  To summarize the current situation, Meredith just got married, Sarah is now a mother of three (!) precious little ones, and I am incubating a Critter.  We have some (great) stuff going on, but it is a lot.

I am hoping to write on the odd Reverb prompt when the mood strikes.  Today, I’m following Sarah and Kim’s prompt, so I hope you enjoy!

Prompt 3: Good reads. What was your favorite book or reading of 2015? Why? Was it a different genre from what you normally read?

It is no secret to you guys that I read a lot.  In a brief tally of everything I posted to The Blog, I was at 68 books read in 2015 which is something like…1.4 books a week.  That’s not entirely surprising I suppose, and obviously it does not include my daily perusing of current events.

The other evening when I was at dinner with some girlfriends, Dana asked me how and when it is that I find the time to read.  This is not a question I have ever been asked before, but I’m pretty comfortable saying that I’m a sort of Girl Warren Buffet when it comes to the amount of time I dedicate to reading.

Each morning, over breakfast, I read.  Which means that I wake up early enough that I have time in my day to enjoy a proper breakfast that includes reading.  My daily news diet includes The New York Times, Mother Jones, Slate, and The Atlantic.  Often times, in the afternoon after I am done working out but am waiting for Marcus to come home, I read.  Sometimes in the evening, if I am not in the mood to watch TV (or watch it any more) I read.

Each weekend, I look forward to reviewing the lists of the latest Amazon bestsellers/books of the month and book recommendations I have screen-shotted from my Twitter feed and adding all of these to my reserves list at the library.

Always, I am reading, and it has been this way my whole life.

I remember as a Little Pup, I would tuck a copy of latest Boxcar Children or Thoroughbred or Saddle Club book I was reading in the space between my mattress and the bed frame.  Once I had been tucked in, I would un-tuck myself, sit on the side of my bed closest to the night light (it was a quite bright night light) and read until I couldn’t anymore.  This felt so sneaky, even though I’m sure that had I been discovered in the act of my surreptitious reading, absolutely nothing would have happened.

Out of all of this, I can already tell you it is impossible for me to pick a “favorite” book for 2015.  Some books were great.  Other books were terrible. Some books were right books for the wrong time.  Other books were wrong books for the right time.

But, as I was digging through my blog inbox, I found this article about Octopi that I e-mailed to myself at the end of December last year.  It is one where I so wish I could tell you why I liked it, except there is nothing else to say besides the fact that it is Fascinating.  I hope you will enjoy it as well.

Click here to read Inside The Mind Of The Octopus.