Week 32 Update


Good news, people.  As evidenced by the fact that you can see the little elephant’s trunk (so it must be able to breathe!), we are going to be able to successfully baby-wear Critter.  I do want to note that we attempted this without reading the instruction manual, so I can only assume that we will be better at this once we actually…do that.

Here’s more stuff that is going on.

  • I still have eczema on my hands.  Pro: It is only on my hands.  Con: It has seriously been like eight weeks of eczema.
  • Critter’s nursery is being painted this week!  This means that we will be able to put all of Critter’s worldly possessions (which are currently residing in our living room) in said room by this weekend.
  • Critter’s first baby showers were last weekend and they were such fun.  It was so wonderful to be able to celebrate Critter with my favorite ladies and eat a lot of carbs.  Critter also got a lot of books, which is wonderful.  If you were wondering what I am most excited to do with Critter, it is reading time.
  • Yes I am still wearing heels at work, and socially.  No, I do not find this to be terrifically remarkable.  Something that would be difficult to know about me (but we may have discussed once when I was dealing with tendinitis) is that I have been a toe-walker since I was born.  Which is to say that even when I do not have heels on (barefoot, ballet flats, whatever!) I do not let my actual heels touch the ground.  It’s not a point of pride, it’s just something I am physically unable to do without being deeply annoyed.  When I am wearing the right pair of heels (3.5″ is the sweet spot), I honestly don’t notice that they’re on.  At this point in my life, I only wear heels that are the “right” height specifically for this purpose.
  • I am hot all the time now.  Except the only time I notice it is at night when I wake up and am all Must sleep without covers now or if I do sleep with any blanket it must cover my torso only.  The whole affair is slightly more tragic when Marcus and I are driving somewhere and he is bundled up in a jacket and scarf and I am wearing No Jacket and I am busy lowering the temperature to that middle setting in between hot and cold air and he is all Could we maybe turn on just a little bit of heat? 
  • I once again successfully managed to action a DIY pedi this morning. I can also say that this is my grand finale in that area until Critter has arrived. It was not deeply uncomfortable to accomplish but it was also…not comfortable. I’m honestly impressed that I made it this far!


4 responses to “Week 32 Update

  1. My girlfriends painted my toes at the end. Sometimes you just need back up.

    Reading to my son since he was first born has been one of my greatest joys in parenthood. Might I recommend Diary of a Wombat. So cute!

  2. You all look perfect!

  3. Hah! The elephant practice is a great idea!!

  4. pinkpaperdollblog

    This is adorable and also I love those shorts!

    The Pink Paperdoll

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