Daily Archives: 11.29.2015

Renovation Week


Right now, as evidenced by the above photo, my house has become a cluttered mess.  Ordinarily this is a level of chaos that I would deem to be completely unlivable, but several things are going on.

My mother-in-law and aunt are coming to paint Critter’s nursery on Wednesday.  Which means our totally stagnant progress on the nursery will now move forward.  It also means that right now all of the stuff that should be in the nursery is currently strewn across our living room.

The other big news is that Bruce is coming to deal with the master bathroom.  Earlier this year, he re-tiled our bathtub/shower (Thank God).  We are now ready to move forward with removing The World’s Most Dysfunctional (and hideous) Vanity, and re-tiling the floor.  This is why all of the cleaning supplies in our house are now taking over our living room as well.

In case you think I am blowing this out of proportion, see the below photos as evidence that this is all truth.


You probably have many questions about this right now, and let me assure you there are none I have not asked myself about this situation over the last six years.  Literally anything that we could do to this bathroom is better than what we started out with because it is the worst ever.  I am so excited that it will be completed before Critter arrives.

While our bathroom is out of commission, we will once again be moving in with my in-laws for the week.  We’re very lucky that they live nearby and that they are willing to take us in.  My mother-in-law has even promised that we can have a fire in the fireplace so it should be a lovely time.

I will of course be sure to show snaps of what the bathroom looks like after Bruce is done with it.  We will still be waiting to paint it at that point, but again, I really think it will still look better than it does in the current moment!