This Is Not Your Practice Life

Not Your Practice Life

Sorting Out The End Game.

When you find yourself having the same conversation with people like, four times in one week, that means it’s time to have the same conversation with EVERYONE because something is going on.

Repeatedly I have found myself in conversations with friends and family where they are either in the middle of a major life change, or they are on the verge of saying yes to one and are getting ready to take the next step.  How exciting/cathartic/terrifying, right?  As they have talked about what they love about their lives, their hopes, and the dreams they have not yet been able to realize, I have been all Not To Oversimplify This But It Sounds Like You Need A Roadmap Vision Board Because We Need To Plan The End Game Here And I Want You To Get To That Final Thing That You Want.  

Or, to back it up one step further, we need to figure out what the end game even is in order to get there.

This will either be super surprising to you or Totally Not Surprising At All, but I am a big believer in Vision Boards and monthly goal setting.  It helps me to set my intentions for the month.  It helps me to sort out what my priorities are.  It helps me to figure out what my priorities are not.  You know that feeling at the end of the month where you’re like, Seriously where did all of that time go?  It helps me to banish that.

How I would break it down:

Step 1: Figure out your big picture items.  Maybe these are values for the year.  Maybe these are values for your life.  Maybe these are dreams that you have always had, but never thought you could accomplish.  Sort it all out!  Say the big life dreams that sort of terrify you out loud and then write them down!  Keep them on the list.  Cross them off of the list.  Put them back on the list again.  Sift through everything until what really matters is what remains.  Maybe it’s five things.  Maybe it’s 15.  Only you know what is “right” there.

Step 2: Figure out what you need to do each day to accomplish these things and figure out what you need to do each month to accomplish these things.  Some values require a lot of work.  Others might simply require that you show up and pay attention to them versus being a passive actor. Break it all down.

Step 3: Actually live these things.  This might actually be harder than Step 1 where you’re admitting all of the big things you were never sure you could have.  Why?  Because if you’re making space in your life for the things that you actually want/actually matter, it means that you are probably going to have to take some space away from the things that do not matter.  These are bad habits, bad mindsets, bad people, bad places.  All of them are distractions and derailers and detractors from what you really want.  For some people, it can be super-helpful to write these things down as well.  Sometimes you already know what they are, and you just need to deal with them cut them out, end of story.

What does this look like in my life?

Right now my big picture items are:

  • Prioritize (and make time for) my marriage.
  • Work on keeping my body healthy, feeling good, and as something that I can feel proud of.
  • Be financially conservative.
  • Spend time with the people that are important to me.
  • Make space for time with God and prayer in my life.
  • Create a nest we want to live in.

Here is my Vision Board for December.



That’s pretty much how we get things done around here.

The vision board-style arrangement I am showing above is from my inkWELL Press planner.  They’re sold out of full 2016 planners, but they are selling quarterly planners that are launching on December 9, 2015.  Take a look here if you’re interested because I have really loved my Q4 (Fall mini-) planner this year.  Had this set been an option when I was ordering my 2016 planner, I think I would have preferred this.  But it was not, so I didn’t.  Anyway, like pretty much everything else on The Blog, that is NOT a sponsored or affiliate link.  I’m just really a fan of this and think you might like it too.  They also have some free organizational downloads here.

Another resource that might be helpful for you is this list of Recommended Resources from Jess Lively.  I listen to her podcast on the regular and she preaches the gospel of values based living.  When I was starting to write this post, I thought Self: I bet Jess has some tools that would go well with a vision board/re-arrange your life-situation and I was right.

If you are a vision board/goal setter, I would love to hear what tools you use!


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