On Thanksgiving

In about an hour, we will begin our green bean casserole assembly line.  Until then, I will sit on the big couch in our living room with a blanket and watch the snow fall, and listen to music on the $20 portable speaker I ordered off of Amazon earlier this year while a candle flickers away on the coffee table.  I will think about what I am thankful for this year.

I will also wear my Texas shorts because (blessing) at week 31 of pregnancy, they are still going strong.  They are quite possibly the most stalwart clothing item in the entirety of my closet.  Everyone should own a pair.

I know it seems that we are constantly on vacation, but it is hard to even explain how pleased I am that Marcus and I get to spend the next four days At Home.  Not on airplanes or in hotels or traipsing around Cities That Are Not Home for hours at a time.  We are so blessed to be able to have All Of That, but for this (long) weekend we just get to be us.

All of that Woe Is Me about travel aside, the most splendid surprise of all this year was being able to watch the sun rise and set over the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon 7Grand Canyon 2

That was just lucky.

It is hard to say if Marcus and I have been more or less blessed in a given year because it’s not exactly like each year, you are able to compare your life to some sort of karmic chart that says Most Blessed Ever! or Better luck next year.  Rather each year, it seems like we have won some sort of cosmic lottery of having each other and sharing this life together.  Each day I am reminded that truly there is no more perfect partner for me on this earth than my husband.  Yes, I realize that sounds just horrifically sappy but it is the truth.

We want for nothing.  We are able to give to others.  I have a small Critter who is continuing to construct its secret lair inside of me until its eviction date in January at which point I suppose I will have to share it with others.

When I pray, I always ask God to bless us and our family and friends with Health, Happiness, and Prosperity, but really just the first two because all of the money in the world does not matter if we do not have our health and take joy in one another.  I hope that all of us are able to have that today, and in the next year.

Happy Thanksgiving.



2 responses to “On Thanksgiving

  1. This was lovely – happy last childless thanksgiving!

  2. I can relate to the constantly on vacation feeling! We had a lot of mini-trips this year which meant a lot of packing, un-packing and getting our critters* (*dogs) ready for sitters. I was telling this to a friend and she said something to the effect of “oh, poor you and all of your mini vacations!” That had me stopped in my tracks… It made me realize how grateful I was to take all of those lovely vacations, but also more grateful than ever for my time at home. 🙂 Sometimes I just need someone to kick me in the pants to make me realize how blessed I am. And I’m grateful for that, too.

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