Daily Archives: 11.20.2015

Friday Food Round-Up!

How I could summarize this week: on Sunday I spent the entire day in the kitchen because I wanted to, and then the rest of the week I was either eating, sleeping, or forgetting what day it was.

Sunday – Pumpkin Pie with No Excuses Pie Dough
Things that made this possible: I really wanted pie that I could feast upon for the entire week, and I had a can of pumpkin in my pantry that was set to expire next month.

So in addition to making my one pie, I also made three more pie crusts and tossed them in the freezer so that I could make pies for the next month.

Sunday – Baked Potatoes with Wild Mushroom Ragu and Steamed Cauliflower


I honestly don’t even know why I was cruising the Smitten Kitchen website but I saw this recipe, I knew it was a Make This Immediately-style dish.  So I whipped it up for lunch (along with some cauliflower, which I was craving) and decided we will definitely have to make it again because it was just that good.

Since y’all deserve to know our lazy shortcuts, I used sour cream instead of goat cheese (it’s what we had) and we used baby bella mushrooms instead of any type of “wild” variety.  It still turned out okay.  Phew.

Sunday – French Stew


According to The Blog, the last time I made French Stew was in January 2014 which is way, way, way too long ago considering the fact that we really love this meal and it is one of those dinners that I grew up with.  Since it takes three hours of braising, it really is an ideal Sunday dinner because that’s really the only day we ever have that amount of time to commit to cooking a meal.

Tuesday – Chicken Teriyaki from Nigella Kitchen with Rice, Garlic Green Beans with Red Pepper Flakes and Chicken Cilantro Mini-Wontons from Trader Joe’s


Every time I pull out my Nigella cookbooks, I see so many recipes I want to try but never quite get around to making.  Someday, I may just have to commit to cooking my way through the books so that we can hit all of the recipes (especially the desserts!).  Clearly that is NOT what happened with this particular meal, but it was a really easy way to get rid of The One Frozen Chicken Breast We Had In The Freezer By Combining It With Some Chopped Up Chicken Thighs.

Thursday – Grilled Cheese with Creamy Wild Rice Soup from Bear Creek


Can you tell that it was…lazy dinner night?  To fancy up this meal, I sautéed some mushrooms and tossed them into the soup mix (yes, seriously) and I dipped my grilled cheese in spicy ketchup from Whataburger.  It was pretty great.