Daily Archives: 11.16.2015

Week 30 Update

It looks like I’ll probably be blogging Critter updates every two weeks from here on out.  When I first started writing this post, I felt like it was Uplifting! but now upon re-reading, it seems mostly full of…Truths.  So hang on, and have a laugh.

  • Running is dead.  Shortly after I wrote this post, suddenly, I just was not feeling it anymore.  And so here begins The Long Rest.  I’m hoping to be back in the saddle in…March?  This will be the longest break that I have ever taken and even though I am one part miffed (let’s be honest, every runner would be), I know that besides being healthy for Critter and I, this will be a GREAT rest for my legs/body.  I’m now walking 30 minutes a day, which is pretty much what I see happening from now until running resumes.
  • We got the prints for Critter’s nursery and they are amazing.  They make me want to jump for joy.
  • On Sunday, we bought a 1.5″ memory foam mattress topper for my side of the bed.  The Pillow Nest was really going pretty well but after staying at an Airbnb with a massive mattress topper in Manhattan, I knew that we needed to improve the state of my nest.  It is now improved.
  • From the department of Least Attractive Things Ever, I am on Week 6 or so of what I now know is an eczema flare that can only be attributed to…you guessed it, Pregnancy!  Thankfully it is only on my hands and my biggest issue with it is that it just looks…really really really uncute.  On the other side of the coin, I’m 30 weeks pregnant and the part of my body that I am most self-conscious about is my hands!  That means we’re winning, right?
  • Shopping.  I thought I was totally done with it and then I needed a black long sleeved shirt and another dress for work.
    IMG_3446 (1) I am going to be totally set when Second Critter comes along.
  • Last Thursday, when I was earnestly deciding which striped shirt to wear to my OB appointment, I swore to myself that when Critter is here and my body is…not pregnant looking, I will never despise the clothing in my closet ever again.  I really am happy with what I’ve bought, but you guys I really miss my “old” clothes.  It’s not even because I felt skinny in them or something (but spoiler alert, I did) but because there were just so many choices.  So many choices!  With maternity clothes, it’s pretty much….build a tent over your bump?  Or wear something that is skin tight?  Stripes?  Or also stripes?
  • Last weekend we attempted to go see the Whales show at the Science Museum Omni Theater and we only found out upon arrival that the show was sold out.  This let me to a fit of heavy crying that lasted no less than 10 minutes because “all I wanted to do was see the whales.”  Now it is incredibly hilarious to think about, but at the time it was all very emotional for reasons that can only be attributed to pregnancy hormones as I know for a fact that were I not pregnant, I would have 100% not cared.  Instead at the time I was wounded to the soul.
  • I keep on forgetting to share this but at the beginning of September, I asked all of our family members to get the flu vaccine this year since Critter will be born right in the middle of flu season, without an immune system to rally.  Some of our family members are regular flu vaccine takers, others really try not to ever get one, but this year they’re all doing it and I know it means a lot to us that they are.
  • Critter’s first baby shower is this Saturday.  I keep on forgetting about it until I remember that it is happening and then I try to figure out how on earth we got to the point where it is suddenly time for showers!