Babymoon 3: New York City


The Babymoon is over!  Last weekend we went out to New York to celebrate Meredith’s wedding and as a part of that we needed to spend some time in the city.  Even though this is my fourth trip to New York, there continue to be things left undone that we will need to see and do on future trips.  Chief among these, the Museum of Modern Art.  But that is for another time!

El Nino continues to be the greatest weather phenomenon that has ever struck the north and we enjoyed temperatures in the 60s and 70s for our visit.  When we originally started planning this trip, I was concerned about what we would need to pack in order to stay warm, but instead it was all I could do to NOT pack my maxi dresses!  Not kidding.

The Stuff We Saw

The 9/11 Memorial

On Thursday evening, Marcus suggested that we stop by the memorial before dinner, as neither of us had ever visited before.  When he suggested this, I was actually quite surprised that we had failed to think of this sooner.  It was extremely powerful to see and I am glad we had the chance to visit.  Because of the way the memorial is lit, it is quite beautiful and peaceful to see at night.

Central Park



As I said before, the weather was just incredible so we started and ended our day in the park.  The way I presented this to Marcus was, We can go back to the apartment and sit inside, or we can find a bench and sit outside!  Outside was an obvious choice.  We had never walked around the reservoir and while it was no Lake Calhoun, it was beautiful.

Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum


The reason we visited this museum is because I read about the Pixar exhibit they are holding on Dinner: A Love Story.  It was So Cool.  They had some interactive boards for us to try our hand at design and also a giant table for us to color our emotions that was just a hoot.  I don’t know how long this is running for, but I would definitely recommend checking this out if you are in the city.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Why it was important to visit The Met: Because Marcus has never been.  Also, because in addition to their giant Egypt collection, they were having ANOTHER special exhibit of Egyptian stuff that I wanted to see.  This makes Marcus a saint because between the massive amounts of Egyptian stuff we looked over as well as the Impressionist halls, we were there for…quite a while.  Usually we hit our limit with museums after 1.5 – 2 hours.  What I truly love about art is that when you see the same pieces or artists repeatedly, sometimes you are struck by the same thing each time.  But sometimes, you are struck by things that are completely new and different and it is such fun (in my opinion) to see those artists and pieces through a new lens.

The Eats

El Original


Despite mixed reviews, we had to check this one out because it was originally started by The Homesick Texan and I just HAD to see what it was like.  Between this giant platter of food, and the loaded queso we ordered, it was pretty much like eating…all of the things.  More importantly, eating here proved to me that we HAVE been doing it right for the past three years.  And that I need to start making loaded queso at home.

ABC Cocina

ABC Kitchen is apparently a cool place to go right now, but by the time I got around to making any sort of reservations for this trip, they were already booked.  Their website did however, point me to their sister restaurant, ABC Cocina.  Both restaurants are part of the Jean-Georges Vongerichten flock and we were happy to give the cocina a try.  We are so glad we did because the food and the atmosphere were just delightful (and so excellently hip!).  It’s the sort of restaurant that I wish could transport itself back to Minneapolis for our regular enjoyment.

Tal Bagels


What makes me sad: People who eat thin bagels or mini bagels.

What makes me happy: Eating an everything bagel stuffed with lox for breakfast two days in a row.



After debating the merits of Shake Shack or Papaya King for lunch, we ended up deciding that what we really wanted was falafel and the falafel platters we were able to source for about $11 were quite spectacular.  I will also take this time to invite all of you to ponder how on earth they expected me to consume that entire container of hummus in the left corner of the photo.  Had they served me half that amount, it still would have been too much (though delicious!).

Budapest Cafe AND Two Little Red Hens


Me to Marcus: I beat gestational diabetes so I will eat snacks from two bakeries if I want to!

The raspberry jam-filled cookie was from the Budapest Cafe.  We actually walked past the display earlier in the day and I told Marcus that if I was still thinking about it when it was time for a late afternoon snack, we could return for it.  Surprise: I was thinking about it and the cafe was ~2 blocks away from where we were staying.  These people do not play around with the jam by the way.  There was probably a full 1/4 cup of raspberry jam packed into that cookie.

The Two Little Red Hens was an appealing choice because (1) they were across the street from the other bakery and (2) they had an extensive cupcake menu along with corresponding mini-cupcakes.  I chose coconut cream, chocolate peanut butter, and triple chocolate mini-cupcakes and God that was just the greatest choice.  If you live near this place or you are visiting the Upper East Side, you must go here.

2 responses to “Babymoon 3: New York City

  1. Give me a bagel and lox as many days in a row as possible, yum!! I didn’t realize abc kitchen had a sister restaurant, I always want to go there, but it never quite works out.

  2. Pierced Wonderings

    LOL I have a thin everything bagel with cream cheese, lox, and capers almost every morning.

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