Daily Archives: 11.08.2015



We’re home.  Our bags are unpacked.  There are no more vacations on the calendar.

That’s a weird thing to say, to be honest.  Even though it has been tiring darting all over the country at this point in my pregnancy, we have been so lucky to have these opportunities to travel.  We have seen some really excellent things, eaten some really incredible food and we have really enjoyed being able to spend this time together.

This also has me all nostalgic and flipping through old blog posts of vacations past.  We have had some pretty solid adventures since our honeymoon in 2011.  I know that we will go on vacations again once Little Critter is here, but I know Marcus and I are both so glad that we have gotten to see and do what we have.  I wouldn’t have traded these four years of time as Just The Two Of Us for anything.

Once we got home, I spent the afternoon on Marcus’ side of the bed watching a mini-series type show on TPT called “Queen’s Castle” about Windsor Castle.  It was interesting without being energizing.  Which is to say that it was the perfect way to spend an afternoon relaxing and sitting on the bed doing nothing.

We cooked dinner.  We watched Part 2 of Breaking Dawn (don’t judge).  We had a normal Sunday at home.