Daily Archives: 11.02.2015

Week 28 Update

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Hey friends!  We’re in third trimester now.  Which means that at some point in the next 9 – 14 weeks (AKA weeks 37- 42), Critter will be here.  It’s getting real.

  • Last week, I brought back The Pillow Nest and it was (1) once again tolerable and (2) has done worlds for my back pain.
  • As of my doctor’s appointment last Thursday, my overall total weight gain was at 22 pounds, which is just fine by me.  At my appointment a month ago, I had gained something like six pounds in three weeks.  Naturally, I was horrified, and naturally the doctor reassured me that this was Okay.  At this appointment, my weight gain was back on-track with the pound per week rule.  Phew.
  • I passed my gestational diabetes test last week.  HOORAY.  I can now feast without abandon through the holidays.
  • We have (and by “we” I mean Marcus) have cleaned out the nursery, so it’s time to start painting.  The prints we have commissioned are being printed and I am so excited to frame them and hang them up.  Obviously once we have them, I’ll share some snaps!
  • I’m still running, and by that I mean I am doing intervals.  I’ve been doing them since week…25?  So I’ll run for three minutes, walk for two minutes and repeat until I’ve hit 30 minutes of exercise (so…six reps) and that is what passes for fitness in this house these days.
  • What am I wearing while I am working out?  I have one stalwart gray workout tank that is still long enough, and one set of sports bras that I ordered a size up.  My running capris are still working and there is a 100% chance that is because they have a drawstring involved.  I’ll let you know if I end up having to purchase any more clothing for this or I have to stop running before I have the chance.
  • We have reached the point where Marcus is all Is the heat on?  It’s cold in here and I am like It is a blazing 70 degrees in here how can you not tell? So I think we’re going to do really well when winter actually happens.