Cozy Clothes

I feel like my utility in terms of blogging about the clothing I’m buying is somewhat limited because it has pretty much all been maternity stuff, but I did source a some things over the past few weeks that we can all wear  (and they’re actually things I would like to wear after Critter has joined the group).

Blanket Scarves

I bought a blanket scarf for our trip to Italy in March.  The blanket scarf was great because it actually worked like a blanket on our flights/train rides.  The blanket scarf was also great because it was warm and like wearing a blanket on your body over other clothes.  The blanket scarf was not great because it was so much fabric that in the long run, I didn’t find it to be the most manageable garment.  Also, I felt like I was inhaling/eating little bits of lint from it all the time and that was weird.

I was quite surprised to see that Target was selling…a riff on blanket scarves when I was cruising the store a few weeks ago.  They’re by Merona and they’re actually calling them blanket scarves, but they’re really just extra-wide plaid scarves featuring a pretty coarse weave.

Black and White Scarf Navy and Green Scarf

I bought the black and white one before our Chicago trip, and ended up being such a fan of it that I went back to Target last weekend and grabbed the navy and green one because I suspect that both of these will get more use over the fall/winter/early spring than the aforementioned blanket scarf.


Ponchos are something that I generally admire from afar.  They usually look a bit nicer to me than bulky winter coats, but I think that’s also because they are usually being worn in states/climates that are not Minnesota in the winter where we actually need full-body insulation.

Jillian wore her poncho from Old Navy to dinner last week and suddenly I realized that (1) it was really cute and (2) I pretty much am never going to be able to zip a jacket up this winter anyway nor will I be outdoors for any period of time longer than it takes for me to get to/from my car into a building.  So I ordered one for myself!

Black and White Poncho

I am hopeful that this will work for the rest of pregnancy and will be sort of a flattering garment as my body gets back into post-baby shape. I feel like the worst case scenario is that this becomes a slightly more elegant Snuggie, right?


5 responses to “Cozy Clothes

  1. OMG – so going to Target to get that. Our office is sooooo cold. Thanks for sharing. P.S. I love Merona.

  2. Hurrah for the Old Navy poncho! It’s kind of a full circle moment because you are one of the people who has convinced me that Old Navy has decent trendy clothes!

  3. I think I am going to try to knit a poncho soon. I have never actually worn one before, but it seems cozy and all purpose. Like leaving the house in a blanket but perhaps more socially acceptable?

  4. I’ve been wondering about those blanket scarves and it sounds like they might be too bulky for what I’m looking for but I’ll have to check out those scarves from target!

  5. I picked up a target blanket scarf and love it! As for ponchos, I love the idea, but they don’t work for my body.

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