I thought I would bring y’all some life updates on a Sunday morning because it’s 6:00 AM and I can.  And, if I were to write a full post about any of these things, I think y’all would be bored to tears.

  • Yesterday, for the first time in five weeks, we finally got to use our driveway/garage.  Pro to living in an association: we did not have to organize our own re-paving.  Con to living in an association: they hired the world’s most dysfunctional contractors and we didn’t have a driveway for five weeks which was…extremely obnoxious.
  • Last night, Marcus and I had our first in-town/at home date night in a very long time.  We made baked potatoes with chili and then headed out to see The Martian.   Some things that are notable about this:
    • The Martian is the first movie I’ve seen in a movie theater in about six years.  So this was basically the most unique date night idea we could have possibly cooked up.  I used to get migraines watching things on the big screen.  But, I really loved reading the book and I wanted to see the film version so we decided to give it a try after our OMNI Theater Space-success over the summer.  I just closed my eyes during the bits where the camera work was shaky, etc. and I made it through unscathed!  Proud moments all around.
    • When I looked at my calendar to see when, exactly, we last had a proper date night in Minneapolis (as in: did not see other people or party hop), it was June 12.  It’s not exactly like we’ve been lacking for time together between our Cabin trips over the summer, fall vacations, wedding attendance, or those nights we set aside each week to cook together.  But, it really did put into perspective just how fast we have been moving since May, really.  I know that when Critter comes, we will not regret any of this, but I also continue to believe that we might actually (despite sleep deprivation) be more rested when Critter comes because we’re actually at home and staying put for three whole months together.
  • We are finally moving with the final stages of the master bathroom remodel.  We have the vanity base set, and pending the arrival of some vanity top samples, we will be able to sort out which top to purchase.  Bruce will come and demo/re-tile/install during the first week of December.  I will be honest, I am really not looking forward to moving out of my house for another week, but I know that once this project is done our house will feel so nice and it will be even better not to have to think about it anymore!
  • I ordered a new planner for next year from inkWELL Press.  The Day Designer, as we all know, ended up being WAY too big for my life (our life?).  I’ll also take the time to note that the paper quality was terrible and the coil was not great.  This planner is thinner even than the ones that Erin Condren churns out and I’m thinking that for next year it will be just the right size for me (us?).  I’m 100% confident in this because I ordered a fall mini-planner so that I could unload the Day Designer early and already everything just feels better.

One response to “Workshopping

  1. I’m with you on that coil – SO annoying. That planner was overpriced and not for me at all.

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