Friday Food Round-Up!

Originally, I had planned to cook two times this week and somehow that ended up being…four?  Probably a testament to a well-stocked pantry since we really did have about 75% of our dinner ingredients on hand before we even went grocery shopping.

Sunday – Channa Masala with Rice, Roasted Broccoli ,and Trader Joe’s Garlic Naan
Originally, my Return Home From Chicago plan was to pull some curry out of the freezer and thaw that (not a bad plan by the way).  But we got properly home around 3:30 PM and magically it felt like we hadn’t been in the car for seven hours and like it was a normal Sunday night.  We haven’t had channa masala for dinner in AGES and since it was a vegetarian meal, I thought it might be a bit restorative after the previous day’s hot dog crawl.  I was not wrong!

Monday – Grilled Cheese with Avocado, Caramelized Onions, and BBQ Sauce, Bear Creek Broccoli Cheese Soup


Y’all, we are continuing to rock the grilled cheese party train.  This week, I took inspiration from the “Cowboy” burgers of the world and threw some caramelized onions, avocado, and BBQ sauce on the sandwich.  Delicious, but messy.  I also want to give Marcus some major points because he did most of the assembly this week (with me overseeing) and he made the soup!  I have made no secret of the fact that Marcus is #1 Prep Chef of all time, but we are doing some cooking boot camp over the next few months so that when Critter arrives, we are collectively able to feed ourselves.

Tuesday – Greek Salad and Pizza



As I was whipping some pizza crust dough together for dinner with Jillian, I was recalling the first time I watched Mads action this in her apartment.  Everyone should know how to make pizza crust because honestly in the amount of time it will take you to go to Trader Joe’s (or another grocery store) to buy a pre-made crust, you can have this crust that is mixed together and done with rising.  So it is easier and cheaper.  We haven’t had pizza in ages, so I am not sure what drove me to make this dinner, but it could be time to work it back into the rotation.

p.s. I ate two slices, obviously.

Wednesday – Man-Pleasing Chicken with Sweet Potato Oven Fries and Peas


I do not know why this chicken has to be called man-pleasing.  It was super delicious, but I would not say that it is specifically geared toward men, or that I would even be able to use the sauce/marinade you cook the chicken in to coax a picky eater to try a bite.  Honestly, we made sweet potato oven fries this week because (1) I have never made Marcus eat them before and (2) our bag of plain old potatoes is pretty much empty and we need to re-stock at ALDI.  I don’t think they’ll become a regular part of the rotation, but they definitely hit the spot this week.


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