Happy Sunday.

I feel like I should check in because I have not had a lot to say lately.

  • I am wiped out.  Even though I got to have Friday night to myself, between the centennial events for Marcus’ fraternity chapter on Saturday and the things I had going on today, I feel like I spent the majority of the weekend running around.  I got to see a lot of wonderful friends and family, but now I really need some time to unwind and relax.  Just like running around in Vegas, it’s really easy for me to forget that I don’t have the same amount of energy that I did pre-pregnancy.  I feel just great and then I crash.  I am still so thankful that I haven’t been sick like crazy, but at least if I felt sick I’d know I that I needed to slow down, right?
  • It was 85 here today (and 75-ish yesterday), which basically means that it was summer again.  Book Club was held on Emily’s porch and we ate dinner on our deck.  It was sort of tragic knowing that this was truly the last warm day that we will have in 2016, but what a treat.
  • We’re headed off to Chicago on Thursday so I did some serious trip planning over the weekend.  Marcus has never been, so there’s lots to see and not a lot of time. On Saturday, before the wedding, we’ll be going on a hot dog crawl with some friends which is one part amazing and one part extremely insane.  I can’t wait!
  • We are going on week 3 (possibly 3.5) of having no driveway.  Exterior repairs are something that our association handles and at the beginning of September, we got a notice that our driveway would be repaired.  We thought (based on the notice) that our driveway was simply being sealed, even though we easily have the worst driveway in the development.  But no, shortly thereafter they tore the whole thing out.  They have finally poured the new concrete apron for our neighbor’s garage, so I am hopeful that this could actually be the week where we get our driveway back.  It’s a little bit overdue at this point.
  • We haven’t made any progress on the remainder of our master bathroom remodel.  My goals for this week are to pick out floor tile and schedule the big event.  Once it’s scheduled, we’ll order the vanity.  I didn’t want to source that piece until we knew when we would need it because a ~60″ vanity isn’t exactly something you can simply stash away until a rainy day.  It will be really wonderful when that project is complete.

Have a wonderful week!


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