Friday Food Round-Up!

Big week, kittens.  We cooked two new recipes!  Y’all know I oscillate between cooking lots of new things and cooking only old favorites. The last time we went on a BIG “new food for dinner” kick was right before I got pregnant and so those shenanigans stopped just as soon as the food aversions rolled in.

This week, we just happened to get lucky with the recipes that popped up!

Sunday – Pot Roast with Hominy & Potatoes from Time for Dinner

SundayBeef on the menu!  So fancy!  I know!

Really, I had three sweet potatoes in the fridge that were overlooked the week before. I wish I were kidding when I say this, but as I was looking for a recipe to use them in, the first page I opened to in the first cookbook I grabbed was this one.  Oddly, we are the kind of people who usually have a can of hominy in the house, so this was a no-brainer.  It was also a super easy roast to action, and a big hit with Marcus.  We’ll be making this one again.

Monday – Baked Chicken with Herb and Dijon Mustard from A Bird in the Hand, Buttered Peas, Oven Fries


I am so glad that Jenny shared this recipe (and this cookbook) on her blog because this was a great dinner.  Instead of using bread crumbs, I pulsed up some dark Pennsylvania pretzels, which gave the exterior sort of a nice, rich flavor.  I am sure it would be much more crisp, were we to use something like say, panko.

I am actually thinking we will be buying a copy of A Bird in the Hand because I know y’all know exactly how much chicken we make in this house.

Thursday – Simple, Perfect Chili from The Pioneer Woman Cooks


At last, it is October and it is properly cool enough to be chili season.  I made a double batch of this because Marcus was hosting a poker night, and the host has to provide a heavy snack/late night meal (poker night starts at 8:00 PM).  I proposed Chili Cheese Tots because that is the greatest idea and he was right on board with that one.  So we made a normal meal beforehand and then he reincarnated the chili into a tot-topping.  Everybody wins.


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