Week 23

I know I said that I wouldn’t post updates every week and I would say that so far, I mostly haven’t.  But there is more to workshop this week!

  • There is a clear winner in the SNUG versus BeMaternity by Ingrid & Isabel for Target camisole battle.  The Target camis won, for two really obvious reasons. (1) They stay down instead of riding up.  (2) The SNUG camis pilled after their first wash.  Gross.
  • We finally ordered our Glider.  It is the Dutailier Maestro, and it is going to be hands-down the fanciest piece of furniture in our house.  On the other hand, it is also the nicest and most comfortable chair I have ever sat in.  Once it arrives in 2-3 months, I’ll share a snap.
  • Beka sent me a care package including the book, Bringing Up Bebe.  I read it and LOVED it.  I don’t think that it paints an idyllic picture of parenthood, I do think it paints a picture of a parenting culture that is much different than the American helicopter method.   Since we already know that isn’t effective, I’m all ears.
  • Late last week I switched from running continuously to run-walking (3 minutes running, 2 minutes walking).  It just feels…better.  I wasn’t sure if this was the right time to make the change or not, but I reminded myself that when I found out I was pregnant, I had initially thought that if I was running at all at this point, that would be a big win.  So here I am!  Still running!
  • My hip pain is getting worse.  So that is a fun thing.  Usually the morning is fine (unless there is residual pain from overnight) but by bedtime, I am just outright uncomfortable.  At Marcus’ urging, I consulted Google, MD about what remedies we could pursue, and pretty much the only one was “sleep with a pillow in between your legs” which I already do, until it’s uncomfortable and I have to stop doing that.  Helpful.  There is simply no changing the fact that at 3:00 AM, I find that my once-comfortable mattress has transitioned to a bed filled with knives and rocks.  We rotated our mattress just for kicks, but at this point, I think this is just one of those things that I will be living with until Critter’s arrival.

One response to “Week 23

  1. i don’t not like to hear hip pain starting at wk 23. It’s been one of my biggest struggles. We moved the guest mattress onto our bed, which is helping. When I wake up at 3am in pain / to pee (for the 3rd time), I grab an ice pack too. It seems to take the edge off and help me fall back asleep.

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