22 Weeks: Still Running

Critter and I are officially in Week 22 of pregnancy!

There’s really not a lot to write in a blog post about running during pregnancy because last week it was all crystal clear to me: Running during pregnancy works as long as your body will allow it.  There are no secret tricks.  For some people that means that they cannot run ever, for others it means they can run some, and for still more it means they can run all the way through.

Though my speed has been getting progressively slower, I’m still running about 15 miles a week.  Three miles per day, five times per week.

Last week was easily the worst week of running I’ve had so far during this pregnancy (and for the longest time in recent running memory) for a host of reasons.  One run, I had to go to the bathroom constantly (this has been a pretty consistent thing since Week 12 or so), another run I felt oddly breathless approaching the last half mile and had to stop, on still another one I felt like an ab muscle was going to separate so that run lasted all of five minutes before it was over.

It was like hitting the wall on a long run.  Everything moving along just fine (or with a little willpower!) and then, boom.  By Thursday I was seriously asking myself if this was perhaps my body telling me that it was time to give it up and take a break from running until March (don’t even get me started on that).  But, I made a pact with myself to give it a few more tries and I was so glad to have really excellent runs on Saturday and Sunday.  So for now, it appears that running is not over.

Anyway, this is me.


What’s going on with my running clothes?

The normal running capris I wear still fit (C9 by Target), because they are drawstring, and they tuck under the tummy just fine.  I am down to one running top (snapped above) that is long enough and looks like it may have another month or so in it.

On Labor Day I ordered some new sports bras directly from Champion because my pre-pregnancy ones finally felt like they were sort of maybe strangling me.   Sidebar about Champion Sports Bras: They last forever and they are the only kind I wear and even though they are not fancy they are GREAT for support.  I think I’ve had a total of four sets (I wear two when I run) since 2010.  So when I had to order a new set for this, naturally they had discontinued the styles I was using before.  This always happens and it is an exercise in frustration.  Pro to the new sports bras: They fit much better and I don’t feel like I’m being strangled!  Con to the new sports bras: They are inferior in all ways to the ones that don’t fit anymore.

I bet you also noticed the sweet support belt I am sporting.  This is obviously the coolest garment I have ever owned.  It is the Elastic Maternity Belt by Gabrialla and I bought it because Sarah said it was The One To Buy and since Sarah teaches fitness classes (and did so through her whole pregnancy), I knew it was The Only Choice.  I only started wearing the support belt in the last week and I ordered it because even though I didn’t feel any strain on the front of my body when I was running, I started to feel like maybe I was running like a hunchback and that had to stop.  Wearing it during the Week 21 Running Debacle was contentious at best, but this week I think we’re off to a better start!

So, that’s running in a nutshell right now.  Realistically I don’t actually think I’ll be running all the way through January, which means that I’m trying to really pay attention to when it is time to stop and start up with the power walking Olympics.  Until then, I’ll be glad for what I have.


2 responses to “22 Weeks: Still Running

  1. I have a lot of champion sports bras that have held up surprisingly well!

    Even though you had a bad week of runs, it’s impressive that you’ve run as much as you have!

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