More Maternity Clothes

At my 20 week appointment, I told my OB that honestly the biggest pregnancy concern I had was what to wear.  I am borderline afraid that I’m going to hex myself by saying that this pregnancy is easy and extremely uneventful, but for all of the women who are still waiting to become mothers, I want you to have hope!  Pregnancy is not the worst ever!  It is not all puking and acne!  The massive life changes you have to make are incremental!  Also, please know that I spend a not insignificant amount of time Thanking God for my current physical condition as well as Critter’s health because I know that for so many women it has been different.

Anyway, at my appointment last Friday I had gained a total of 11.6 pounds, which I promptly celebrated by eating a Salted Caramel Nut ice cream cone from Honey & Mackie’s.  This place has been open in Plymouth for maybe two years now and I had never been until Labor Day when Culver’s was closed.  I ate this ice cream and it ranked amongst the most perfect flavors of Earth.  Plymouth/nearby readers, you must taste and see.

But back to the weight gain!  Pregnancy!  So fun!  And lighthearted!  Until your clothes don’t fit!  11.6 pounds currently puts me on track for a 32-ish pound overall gain if I gain a pound a week from here on out.  Who actually knows if that will happen or if I will gain more, or if I will retain a ton of water, or if I will not.  We shall wait and see!

More weight =  more shopping.  We could also subtitle this: I wasn’t going to make it through the next five months with only four dresses.  Here’s the other stuff I’ve bought.

Maternity Camisoles

Not including snaps of these because it seems unnecessary.  However, I did buy two separate sets of camisoles.  They are essentially an identical product, but from different manufacturers: BeMaternity by Ingrid & Isabel for Target and SNUG.  The Target camis are half the price of the SNUG ones.  The Target ones are sized Small/Medium and the SNUG ones are one size fits 0-24.  I guess the big pro to the SNUG camis is that they come in like a million colors, however I am really a white cami only-type of person.  I’ll report back once I see how both of these wear to let you know which ones I would buy again.


I only just needed to deal with the issue of sourcing new bras – I know a lot of people have this issue during the first trimester.  I…did not.  That is all we will be saying about that.  When it was time to shop for something reasonable that wasn’t a nursing bra (because who knows what size I will need when Critter arrives), a friend suggested the Gilligan & O’Malley collection from Target.  It’s evil genius because the bras seem to be fairly well made and they’re $14.99/piece.  Since I really only need them to last five or so months, I’m not deeply concerned about longevity after that point – that made this a good route to go.

Motherhood Maternity Under-Belly Denim-Look Leggings via Macy’s

Shout-out to Britta for suggesting the underbelly style versus over. As I was not much of a low-rise wearer in my past life, I don’t know that I would have picked this one up otherwise.  I ordered these from Macy’s because maternity stores have weird return policies.  The actual jeggings are frighteningly comfortable.  As in, more comfortable than any other jeggings I have worn before in my life.  They are pants that feel like air.

A Pea in The Pod Skinny Maternity Leggings via Macy’s

These were buy one, get one 50% off, and once again, I bought them through Macy’s because I didn’t want to deal with maternity store return shenanigans if they did not work out.  Paula suggested going Old Navy for leggings, but after reading the reviews, I really couldn’t tell if their leggings were see through or not and the reviews for these leggings noted that they were decidedly not.

I did a bend test and the level of coverage is acceptable, though I wouldn’t wear these with a top that didn’t cover my butt.  These leggings are much thinner than my LOFT Ponte stalwarts, but like the jeggings made of air, I am guessing that as this pregnancy continues to progress, I will be thankful for this total lack of structure.  These do go over the belly, but apparently you can roll them down?  I don’t totally get this, but we’ll figure it out once I start wearing them on the regular.

BumpStart Maternity Scoop-Neck Tunic via Macy’s


I probably wouldn’t have purchased two of these tops but they were buy one, get one 50% off (I think this made them $10 each) and I actually liked the pattern.  The other color scheme I sourced this in was blue/gray.

Seraphine Long Sleeve Twist Front Maternity Dress via A Pea in The PodDress 1

I bought this dress because Galina sent me a 20% coupon and I need more dresses.  My biggest critique of this dress is that you must wear it with heels or else it looks frumpy.  I don’t really wear dresses without heels, but still, it would be nice to not have that as a specific concern.

Seraphine Black Shift Maternity Dress

Dress 2

When I did my first Seraphine order, this dress was out of stock in my color/size.  I’m glad I kept checking back for a re-stock because it is so flattering and I think it is made from the tears of angels because it is almost unbearably soft.  I am seriously considering purchasing this dress in another color just because it is so basic, yet so appropriate looking.  I wore it to a bachelorette party one night and a wedding the next day.  I probably would have chosen to wear something completely different from the above vision to both were I not pregnant, but this was a good fix since those other dresses in my closet just are not an option right now.

If you’re looking for something a little more reasonable, Target has a similar dress by Liz Lange.  I almost bought it, but the Seraphine dress has more of a boatneck and the Liz Lange dress has a straight crewneck.  Basically I think that it would depend on if that matters to you.  For me it did, for you it might not (and you’ll probably save $30).




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