Friday Food Round-Up!

Next week the High Holidays begin and we won’t be cooking at our house until Wednesday, which means that this was really the end of sweet corn season for us.  I think it is safe to say that after this week, I am really corn-ed out for the time being, but I know that when next summer rolls around, I will be just as thrilled as ever.

Sunday – Corn and Green Chile Soup


Mom didn’t make Corn Chowder a lot when we were little, but I do have a few memories of this and I remember really loving it.  Obviously the green chiles add a bit of a southwestern flair to the meal.  We used canned chiles, but late August/early September is Hatch season so you could absolutely go that route.  I’m just extremely lazy and hate roasting peppers in our oven.

Monday – Jalapeno Chicken Sausages from Trader Joe’s with Green Chile Corn Pudding


The Jalapeno Chicken Sausages were a “let’s just try it” from Trader Joe’s.  They were spicy, yes, but otherwise I was not terribly excited about them.  I will also PSA and say that 3 cobs of corn is not an equivalent of two cups of corn per the pudding recipe.  It was more like…4 cups of corn.  But we made the pudding anyway and it was really loose, but pretty tasty and we would make it again using two cups of corn only.

Tuesday – Sloppy Joes from Dinner: The Playbook with Oven Fries and Garlic Green Beans


When we sat down to this dinner, Marcus asked me if we had ever made sloppy joes before.  According to my quick search of the blog, the answer to that question is “no.”  See?  Keeping things exciting!  Even with the basics!

Thursday – Chicken with Artichokes in a Creamy Mustard Sauce over Rice


It’s not quite fall weather here but it is definitely starting to do that cooling down thing that happens as summer waves goodbye.  I thought it would be nice to work this meal into our rotation this week (related: Rice!), and it was also a great way to get more chicken thighs out of our freezer since they are taking over most of the bottom shelf at the current moment.




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