Final Updates to the Basement Bathroom

Marcus bought this townhouse in 2009.  I feel like since then the whole house has been a giant study in patience and progressive home renovation.

Someday, when we are on the hunt for another house, every time I see a small bathroom that needs cosmetic-only renovations, I will remember that these things will take $500 and 12 hours of time, just so that I remember we actually have to do the projects!

Since we came home from the cabin on Sunday afternoon, we had a chunk of Labor Day weekend left to kill off.  While most Minnesotans were busy taking last boat rides, or attending BBQs, Marcus and I were channeling our inner DIYs (which you know we are very much NOT!) and finishing the cosmetic updates to the basement bathroom.  We are 99.9% finished.  The last (and least difficult) touch will be a new toilet seat because when we were painting the bathroom, it got painted a bit yellow on the lid and we just cannot have that.

But anyway.  For visualization’s sake, the before.

Snap 1The middle.

Snap 4The after.


It is so much better, no?  This weekend’s projects were: sand and paint the vanity white, install light fixture, toilet paper bar, towel bar and mirror.  It shouldn’t have taken forever but three coats of paint on the vanity later, it was over.

Our next projects are the upstairs bathroom (we’re finishing it for real before Critter comes) and actually tackling the nursery.  I am mildly terrified that we might be displaced from our house for another week while Bruce hacks away at the vanity and the tile and whatnot, but better now than when little one is here.


2 responses to “Final Updates to the Basement Bathroom

  1. You got the vanity done! I now need to make good on my own cabinetry project…thanks for the motivation!

  2. You saw my powder room tweets….. the triangular sink….. our goal is to finish doing it all (floors, walls, vanity replaced with pedestal, new toilet) by Thanksgiving… when we are hosting Thanksgiving The Meal. WHEE!

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