Week 20: An Update

Bump Update

You guys!  Critter and I have officially made it to the halfway point of the pregnancy.  Big day!

Some updates…

  • I know that I’ve said my cravings have been pretty tame.  Which is true!  They are deeply uneventful and pretty low key.  That being said, I have had three fast food cravings that I have been trying to stave off as one time only things – and I am finally accomplishing them!
    • Cheeseburger Combo Meal: Achieved at Walker, MN Dairy Queen on August 29
    • Egg McMuffin Breakfast Combo: Achieved at Garrison, MN McDonalds on September 6
    •  Box of Chicken and Sides from KFC/Popeyes: Still waiting on this one
  • Last week I boxed up all of the clothes I own that no longer fit/fit but will not have an appropriate top/bottom counterpart until after pregnancy.  I have five sweater boxes stashed away at this point.  Through the process, I also purged an additional two garbage bags worth of clothing because if I’m not even excited to put it away, there is no chance I will be excited to see that particular piece of clothing again in nine months.  Did I mention it’s actually really nice to only see clothes that I can wear in my closet?
  • Complaint of the month: In my pre-pregnancy life I wore many, many pencil skirts.  I have since discovered that the way maternity pencil skirts are constructed, there is no physical way to tuck in a blouse.  That leaves you with the option of sporting an un-tucked shirt like some sort of Michelle Duggar wanna-be.  You should all know that somewhere in heaven my Grandma Boots is smiling because I am this upset about people not tucking in their shirts!  I also realize that life is pretty good if this is my biggest complaint at 20 weeks.
  • Critter is moving more and it is such fun to know what they’re up to in there.  It’s not quite big enough for it to be an all day long sort of thing, but there are definitely different times of day where Critter is in the right place at the right time.
  • Our anatomy scan is on Friday (still not finding out the sex).  I’m pretty excited to see Critter one more time before January, and to see that everything is progressing the way that it should.  I mean we have no reason to believe right now that it’s not going normally, but it will just feel better to know, you know?

3 responses to “Week 20: An Update

  1. Awesome chica! Warmest regards to you and Critter (and Marcus)!

  2. Congrats on making it to the 20-week mark. I think cleaning out the closet is such an easy way to feel good during the last few months of pregnancy. So happy things are going smoothly for you, Marcus, and LC! 🙂

  3. Awesome-sauce all over the place.

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