Friday Food Round-Up!

This week, I had some oddly specific cravings related to carbohydrates.  Not a bad thing, but definitely odd since I have not had terrifically strong feelings about most foods in at least a month now.  I guess that made it easier to cook in some ways?

Summer vegetables will be winding down soon and even though I believe that as long as fresh (local) produce is available, you should be living off of the land, I am getting tired of the same old same old.  Not that grilled meat/potatoes/beans/corn isn’t wonderful, but it has been a fairly constant part of our diet since mid-July.  With Labor Day on the horizon, it’s time to get clever.

Sunday – Chickpea Salad

MiscellaneousI got home from the cabin, Marcus decided to go to the State Fair, and so I decided to make something that was “fresh” tasting after a weekend of feasting at the cabin.

Monday – Tacos with Grilled Corn, Avocado, and Pollo Asado from The Homesick Texan Family Table


You guys.  Guess what?  Marcus assembled this dinner all on his own!  We were actually supposed to have this dinner on Sunday night (I popped the chicken into the marinade and all that) but we all know now that didn’t happen.  I had a dinner date with some girlfriends on Monday night so I told Marcus that if he wanted to eat dinner at home, he could just grill up that chicken and make tacos.  Impressive feast, no?

Tuesday – Chicken Sausages with Corn on the Cob, Parmesan Green Beans, and Classic Potato and Egg Salad from Dinner: A Love Story


On Tuesday, Potato Salad For Dinner was possibly the most important part of my day.  This recipe from Dinner: A Love Story checked all of the boxes: dijon/mayo-based, hard boiled eggs.  We’ll definitely be making it in the future.

You’ll see I made a process improvement to the parmesan green beans by tossing the cheese on top after plating, instead of stirring in while hot.

Thursday – Red Chicken Curry with Summer Vegetables


This dinner was actually supposed to be bruschetta chicken but I just couldn’t stop thinking about…rice.  Which had nothing to do with the chicken I was supposed to be making.  So I took the green beans, corn, and tomatoes we were going to eat, chopped them up, and simmered them with an onion, three cubed chicken breasts, a can of coconut milk, red curry paste, and a cube of chicken bouillon.  It was just heavenly.



One response to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. Oh wow that potato salad sounds so good!

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