I just have a lot of things to say this morning, so let’s dive right in!

  • I have a new stain remover trick for removing grease stains from clothing!  Actually, this is really not “new” at all, but it was new to me and that means that some of you may not be in the know about this one either.  Last week, I wore one of my new dresses for the first time.  This also meant that this was the day I dropped a nacho right on my stomach.  As you can all imagine, that was a super moment and the nacho left behind a grease stain.  I was really peeved because the dress was not cheap, and I wanted my new dress to look…new.  Generally, I use Spray ‘n Wash when I’m removing stains but it is not 100% successful when it goes up against grease.  So when we got home from dinner, I spent 20 minutes on Google researching grease stain remedies.  The internet informed me that if you use dishsoap (like the kind you would have by your sink) and apply a small amount to the impacted area, rub in, allow to sit for ~5 minutes and rinse out prior to washing, it will remove the stain.  I tried it using clear Palmolive and this is true.  The first time I attempted this trick, I did not let the soap sit and it was only marginally successful.  The second time, I re-tried it on my dress AND another stained piece of clothing, allowed the soap to sit, and it worked!  The stains were gone!
  • I’ve started to sort out what I’ll all be wearing for the High Holidays this year.  Since we’ll be at a wedding for the first night of Rosh Hashanah, that only leaves me with six outfits to arrange.
  • The 19th week of pregnancy starts today and last week I declared that everything was getting harder.  Getting into bed, rolling over in bed, putting on my running shoes, actually running, DIY pedicures.  All getting harder.  I mean, there is just no competing with a baked potato slamming down on your bladder with every stride of your run.  Or breathing for two.  I am so thankful that I’ve made it nearly halfway through this pregnancy without feeling like anything has been hard but it is a big change and we have 21 weeks left to go.
  • We have three trips coming up in the next few months: Chicago, Las Vegas, and New York.  I am busy planning out restaurants for each.  Part of me wonders if I should be looking for the best cheap eats in each city or the nicest.  And then I throw all of that thinking away because we will have a kid at this time next year and what are the odds that we would be in three cities with really superb restaurants before Little Critter is born?  This also means that I need to start making reservations!  So far…
    • Chicago: Girl & the Goat, Au Cheval, Parachute
    • Las Vegas: Jaleo, Bouchon
    • New York: Russ & Daughters, Mission Chinese, El Original Tex Mex
  • I  have realized that I have literally no idea what will be on T.V. this fall and I am badly in need of new shows.  If there is anything coming up that you have deemed to be “good,” please let me know!  I like really awful reality TV (Rock of Love: Bus, Bachelor Pad, Bachelor in Paradise, Rodeo Girls), RHOBH, VanderPump Rules, and Aaron Sorkin-style dramas.

5 responses to “Workshopping

  1. While you’re down on the LES for Russ & Daughters, head to Meatball Shop. And then head to an area of town where I might be so I can hug.

  2. Great stain remover tip! Wish I would have bothered to look that up years ago.

  3. Kat, I can’t believe you’re practically half-baked with this little potato!! And if you haven’t yet – definitely watch Newsroom – it’s from Aaron Sorkin. I’m halfway through the second season and I’ve been bingeing for two weeks. It’s obscene. It may be better than West Wing? *ducks and covers*. And we KNOW how much I love WW!

  4. I really liked the newsroom, I wish it would have been on longer so the characters could have developed more. As for new shows, I know nothing. Hopefully there will be a few good ones!

  5. OH my gosh! I haven’t read your blog in long awhile, but hopped on today to catch up. Congrats on your little peanut!!! That is so so so exciting!
    I’m 23 weeks myself. 🙂

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