Yet More Cabin Adventures

You guys, I really had the most perfect birthday weekend.  Between the friends I saw on Thursday night, the run I took with Brady and Angie around Lake Harriet on Friday morning, and my trip Up North, I could not imagine a better start to my 28th year.

This weekend at the cabin was another Mom, Dad, Billy and Me retreat and it was really lovely.

I neglected to mention this last time, but the cabin has been painted!  And the sea foam green trim has been replaced with barn red.  Why is this update necessary you are wondering?  I am not entirely sure.  But it seems important.

CabinI will say the sea foam green was sort of excellent in a weird retro way, but this red is much more…modern?  Put together?

Shockingly/not shockingly, Billy and I went fishing.  A lot.  And we caught a lot of fish.  And because I now have one of those photo collage thingies on my phone, you can now see many photos in one frame instead of looking at 800 fishing photos!  You are welcome!

Billy Fishing 1Billy Fishing 2Kat Fishing 1Kat Fishing 2Kat Fishing 3

Billy actually caught more fish than I did but he has at least one outing worth of photos on his phone, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.

On Saturday, Billy and I drove up to Lake Itasca.

Itasca 1

One of my darling friends asked me if that is where our cabin is (bless), so for those who are not in the know, Lake Itasca is the headwaters of the Mississippi River.  I’ve sort of wanted to go visit all summer (the last time I visited was age 5) and this was the right weekend to do it.  The drive is about 1:40 from our cabin so it isn’t exactly next door but it is MUCH closer than if we were to just drive there independently of a cabin trip.

Itasca 2

We were both traumatized by the number of small children running amok at the headwaters, but as soon as we waded down the river like, ~15 feet, all of the people disappeared entirely and it was our own personal Mississippi River.

Itasca 4

Billy found some wild rice on our nature hike/wade.

Itasca 3

We both agreed that based on the color of the grains, it was not quite ready for harvest.

I also felt it important to show you our very fashionable footwear choices.

Itasca 5

If wearing water shoes is wrong, I don’t want to be right.  I also want you to know that we have a very extensive collection of water shoes, circa 1998 at the cabin, always waiting to be pressed into service.

Once we got back to the cabin, we revisited the issue of catching crayfish.  Since trapping went so poorly, armed with butterfly nets and a sand pail like a couple of five-year olds, we headed back down to the Pine River to hunt up some of the Miniature Lobsters Of The North.

We only ended up successfully catching…7?  So, not exactly enough to fashion into any sort of meal.  While Billy was digging through the bucket to show me the red crayfish that is an invasive species, it pince-d him and latched on and proceeded to do that thing where it dangled from his finger.  This was simultaneously hilarious and awful to witness as he waved his hand around trying to wave the crayfish off.

Even though summer doesn’t “officially” end until mid-September, it’s crazy to think that for practical purposes, the season is over.  We’re really only able to hang on to it for another week because Labor Day is the latest it possibly can be this year.  It has been such a good run this year – I’m looking forward to our final trip of the season next weekend, but peak relaxation has been achieved and I am so thankful for that.



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  1. Cute little belly, my dear 🙂

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