Some Projects We Couldn’t Do Ourselves

Since Little Critter is on the way, Marcus and I are doing some projects that we know we will not want to do with an infant in the house.  So we called Bruce and this week, he set-up camp in our house to solve all of our problems.  For those of you who are wondering, Who is Bruce, exactly?  He is the contractor/handyman that Mom hired when I was probably five or six and we have known him ever since.

He is also the brilliant mind behind the new tile in our shower that I am still frighteningly pleased by.

Anyway, first and most boring project, when the old owners created the cutout window in our kitchen and removed the standard-issue closet, they failed at fixing the ceiling correctly.

Ceiling Before

Not okay.


Ceiling After

Much better.

To further understand these people and how they operate, you should know they are the kind of people who put white carpet in front of the doorway to the garage.

Basement Before

As you can see, we never even bothered attacking the spots on the carpet because white carpet +  garage + Minnesota Winter/slush = WHAT IS THE POINT EVEN.

So we had the carpet ripped out and the entryway tiled with Travertine so that it would match the tile in the kitchen and main entryway.

Basement After

Again, much better.

Our next (and final project) before Critter arrives (besides doing the nursery) is to tile the bathroom floor and rip out The Weirdest And Least Appropriate Vanity On Earth.  We will then possess the Barbie Dream Bathroom.  Of course, I’ll be sure to update you once that is complete!


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