On Registering.

Marcus and I did Little Critter’s baby registry over the weekend.  I’m not sure if this is too early, or too late, but Marcus wanted to get it done, so I got onboard with that plan.  We decided to register at Target and on Amazon because Target is like two miles away from our house and there are many, many things on Amazon.  We decided not to register at Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby because I have no desire to set foot in either of those stores ever.  Going into Babies R Us once was more than enough fate tempting for yours truly.

Registering for our wedding (besides the part where I had an emotional breakdown in the commemorative wedding crystal section of Macy’s) was a piece of cake.  I knew what we needed, I knew most of the stuff we were registering for was stuff we could live without because we were already living without it!

A baby registry?  Is not the same thing.  At all.  Because right now we are not living with any of it, but we also have never used any of it before.

As I’ve read blogs and product reviews and whatnot, it has become fairly apparent that even though there are dozens of options on the market, there are really only two or three acceptable options for each thing.  Which makes it easier in some ways because you don’t have to wade through all of those choices, but it ultimately makes the choice between one of two (or three!) things seem even worse because What If You Screw Up The Choice Between Only Two Things?

So, in what I am assuming will be the story of the rest of my life, we did the best we could and we have to hope that choosing the Chicco instead of the Britax and the black and white boppy slipcover over gray chevrons will not lead Little Critter prematurely down the path to a life of crime.

It’s difficult to decide how you feel about rainforest animals when you are trying to consider how you might feel about rainforest animals some odd number of years down the road when another little one is on the way.  We chose the nautical-themed play gym and exersaucer because the toys seemed the most interesting/least offensive.  Marcus would also like to let you all know that Little Critter is going to be a marine biologist.

I also registered for 69 books which means that Little Critter will be running a public library out of their nursery as a side gig.  Marcus is now concerned that we will get all of the books that we registered for and nothing else.  If that is the case, I’m banking on the fact that Little Critter will be able to make enough side-income on past due fines to pay for their own diapers.  It’s important to teach them the value of a dollar early, you know.


One response to “On Registering.

  1. So overwhelming. Get the BOB jogging stroller FOR SURE. A must have. Also, nail clippers (I got the little scissors). Touch thermometer. Bath sling. I liked My Breast Friend much better than Boppy for nursing support. Nipple balm!!!

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