Up North At The Cabin: Trip 6

Surprise, surprise.  It is a weekend in the summer and I went up to the cabin.

I was talking to Lindsey last week and she said, you have been gone a lot. She is not wrong.  I have been out of town a great deal this summer.  I think six is usually the maximum number of cabin trips I can fit into a summer and this year, I am slated to make eight.  But like I said last time, this is my last summer to go Up North and be solely responsible for myself, so I am really capitalizing on that.

First we went to Zorbaz because Marcus has only gotten to eat their pizza cold this summer and that is basically a sin. Except not really because it tastes great cold and it is a really superior breakfast food.  We also realized that this is the first “date night” we’ve had in at probably a month.

Cabin 1

We tried a couple of new pizzas this time, the Bourbon Ztreet and the Zpaghetti, which was the pizza of the month.  The Zpaghetti was fine, the Bourbon Ztreet was great.  I would also have to say that it was an enchilada pizza and had literally nothing to do with Cajun cuisine besides possibly the sausages slices on the top.  We would still order it again.

Cabin 2

The hummingbirds, not shockingly, were doing hummingbird things.  Watching them will never get old.  Also, to give you an idea of just how voracious they are, they drained the feeder on the right in 24 hours.  A very industrious little flock.

Cabin 3

It was 90 degrees and humid this weekend, so I took what was one of the hottest runs of my life (don’t worry, it was only 70 and sunny when I started!).  I stopped by the Pine River Dam at Cross Lake on my cool down walk.  All of the gates were open at one point this summer, but now we’re down to the mandatory minimum outflow from just the one gate.

Cabin 4

It was honestly too hot to even think about fishing, so we did a lot of reading/swimming/sitting on the edge of the dock.  The closest I got to fishing was when I was floating in the water with a fun noodle and the sunfish decided that they were going to try and sample my stomach.  I know some people get really disturbed by fish biting them but (1) the bites tickle and (2) the fish honestly just crack me up.

A thunderstorm moved through around 1:00 AM on Sunday morning, which left us with a really pleasant (and drastically cooler) morning than Saturday.  I took some time to sit at the end of the dock and watch the water before we headed back to the cities.  As I tried to spot fish beneath the surface, a snapping turtle decided to include me on its surveillance run, so that was a treat to watch as it slowly paddled across my field of vision.  What a great way to unwind, as always.

Cabin 5


One response to “Up North At The Cabin: Trip 6

  1. I need a hummingbird feeder! {Puts on Wishlist in Bullet Journal.}

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