It’s the end of the week already, and I haven’t popped in to say…anything.

Truth be told, I am pooped.  After a day of feeling cranky for no reason, I realized that I really haven’t had a chance to sit down and rest in the last two weeks and that most nights I have been running around like crazy.  So I re-scheduled my diner date with Eli (which I felt terrible about because girlfriend time usually energizes/relaxes me) and declared tonight to be a night in.  It was the right choice.

So what else has been going on?

  • My trusty Target sunglasses finally broke.  They were at least two years old and on Sunday night, one of the arms snapped clean off from the rest of the frame.  So after wearing some hot pink, clown-looking, faux-Ray Bans on Monday, I hightailed it back to Target to buy a new pair of sunnies, that I happened to choose because I felt like they looked like sunglasses that Kate Middleton might wear.  Also they fit my face.


  • Related/unrelated: my hair is The Longest It Has Ever Been and it needs to be cut.  Badly.  I have an appointment next Thursday and I cannot wait.  I’m not doing anything dramatic, just cutting off the 1″ – 1.5″ of dead ends so that everything looks healthy and swishy again.
  • I ate sushi for dinner tonight and it was the greatest meal of my life.  Tuna is pretty much off limits for pregnant ladies because of the mercury content, but after doing some research, I feel comfortable eating salmon-based rolls (and California rolls, obviously) from the places I know to be clean/safe.  I’m also drinking a cup and a half of coffee every day and eating brie (made with pasteurized milk) when the mood strikes so there are all of my vices for you.
  • This weekend (shockingly/not shockingly) Marcus and I are headed up to the cabin.  I am really excited to run, and watch the hummingbirds fight for hours on end, and swim (since the weather is going to be gorgeous!).  I may or may not have called The Yellow House (AKA Lake Country Craft and Cone) to place an order for 10 Monster Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches so that we can feast like kings.

One response to “Workshopping

  1. Take it easy and enjoy the ability to be cranky while you can. This is your last chance to Do Nothing.

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