We Went To The Cabin Again.

Happy Sunday, kittens.  I am currently sitting on the couch with my feet propped up and it is So Glorious.  We are once again at that part of Sunday where if we haven’t been lazy, we need to become The Laziest.

This weekend, we went Up North To The Cabin once more.  This was trip #5 for the season, and I know for sure I’ll be up two more times before the summer is over.  Especially now that Little Critter is on the way, I really want nothing more than to be in a place where I sleep The Best Ever, the sun is always shining, and the food is always delicious.

Marcus was actually at a camp reunion this weekend, so it was just Mom, Dad, Billy and me.  I honestly don’t know the last time we were together at the cabin just the four of us so it was a pretty special trip in that way.  Obviously, had Marcus not been at his reunion (+1s were not invited!) he would have been with us too.

The weather was frighteningly nice this weekend.  Like 80 and sunny nice.  Like Be Outside All Day-nice.

Cabin 1

The hummingbirds really had a lot of energy.  I spent a good hour on Saturday morning watching them wage war against one another.  At my last count there were a total of 10 (1o!) of them.

Cabin 2Their hatred of one another and their love of hummingbird food far outweighed any fear they had of me.

Honestly they’re hysterical, so I probably could have watched them all day, but we had other things on our agenda!

Big Pine Lake is on the Pine River and so this year, Billy decided that we should try trapping for crayfish.  Obviously we headed down to the river.  This is the dam at the end of our lake.

Cabin 3

And here are the traps that Billy sourced.  I sourced the chicken.  We rigged them up and then Billy took them out to the spots we identified as “acceptable.”

Cabin 4

Cabin 5

Cabin 6Apparently you are supposed to set the traps where the current is not.  So that is where Billy put them.  While we were wading in the river, we saw one crayfish exoskeleton and two live crayfish.  When we checked the traps on Sunday morning? No crayfish.  Lots of chicken.  Clearly, we need to refine our strategy.

The fish were biting like crazy as well.  Over three trips, Billy caught six fish, I got five.  I pulled some of my usual shenanigans like catching a fish on the first cast, or reeling in my line to fix my worm (it was not in the “weedless” position) and discovering a Northern on the other end.  Billy, of course, did his part by catching fish that were consistently bigger than mine.  You will also notice that while I am militant about documenting my fish on film, Billy is…not as militant.

Cabin 8

Cabin 7  Cabin 9  Cabin 11 Cabin 12

Cabin 13 Cabin 14

Cabin 15

Can we also please take a moment to discuss how lovely this sunset was?

Cabin 10

It was such an 11/10 backdrop for our final fishing outing of the day.  Without sounding super cliché, generally, when we are up at the cabin, I am just so thankful that we even have this place to come to.  While Billy and I were sitting in silence casting our lines with the sun setting next to us, I really felt such an overwhelming sense of gratitude that we were able to have this time together and to share this thing.  Of course, then we had to get back to shore because I knew that there was a homemade ice cream sandwich waiting for me.


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